Second Builder / Building Wait Times - Please add your ideas and comments here!

Yes there should be no selfishness. Any upgrade for a 2nd builder is welcome. Hey maybe in the future we will be able to level our base up past 20. So it still might work out for the older players in the long run.


That’s not right, why bother asking for ideas for improvements if we can’t have them since the other players didn’t? Games make changes for the better in order to keep customers. If we never made changes based on concerns that other would feel it’s unfair to them… there would never be improvement

Chuck thinks there should be a second builder. He is poking fun at those who think there should not. :wink:

Ooohhhh, OK thanks for clarification. Duh LOL

The new players won’t have as much of a problem, because their buildings don’t take so long. It’s when you have to wait for days to build that it becomes a real problem.

I dont know this, but I Think they will make so you need to have the iron for starting a 2nd upgrade. So the little Inc of iron we have, then you cant have 2 at the same time (unless you have high Inc and low iron cost) or your 2nd upgrad cost food

BIG Amen to that.

If players are bored, try chess.

I have the feeling SG has decided to not add the second builder before adding new buildings. So it’s pointless to add any ideas or comments now, though they forgot to tell us.

Until they update the shortlist, let’s not jump to any conclusions. :wink:

If second builder gets launched just as new content with higher buildings and longer wait times comes along… The old guard will be begging for that feature too! lol


Longer buildings, more wait times, but No second builder, I’m a grinder by nature, let the others struggle as well :stuck_out_tongue:

A second manufacturer would be welcome. One could for example be able to launch a second construction when the first construction requires a certain number of days. example a building requires 4 days, gives the right to launch a new building below this threshold, we can not. This allows advanced players in the game to take advantage of this feature and the new player to wait while waiting to have enough resources to be able to launch 2 builds at a time.

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We are already in February and we do not have a new world yet, despite the promises.
No materials are found to ascend the heroes.
The prizes for defeating the titans are ridiculous.
We would love upgrade two buildings at once.
The game now is boring.

You can now upgrade two at once if you choose vip


These are called “rare” for a reason, but stick with it. My alt account is basically F2P, and I’ve been frustrated at the slow trickle of ascension mats. Just yesterday I got three rare mats, one from titan loot, a second from the titan wanted chest, and a third from a mystic vision.

This is a game that requires long horizons.


It’s always cyclical for me in terms of WHEN i get loot (i.e. long hot and cold streaks) and WHAT I get, with a few exceptions. 8 months to get 6 tabbards is a bit much, but in that time I’ve gotten 6-10 of the other 4* mats so it’s just RNG at play.

But yeah, you gotta be patient and play the long game with this one.

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Not all upgrades can be done at the same time. Check the new update as there are several new features. Alliance Wars was always coming before the new world so…patience?

They can be found, you just have to work hard for them. Not everything in this game should be simple.

The prizes, aside from the quests, all run on RNG. Sometimes you get good ish, sometimes you get awesome ish, most times you get meh ish. Not ridiculous, just h3lla random.

You can do that now with a VIP pass, as part of the new update.

Entirely subjective, and levels of engagement varies from person to person. Again, you can have fun and be a bit more patient, or not.

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The second builder has come back to the game! It’s available in the game shop for a nominal monthly fee, as part of the VIP Pass. Here’s some screenshots. As this idea/request is now in the game, this thread is being closed.


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