Second Builder / Building Wait Times - Please add your ideas and comments here!

It really would increase a new wave into this game… ‘cause we are stuck with this limitations. I’ve been saying this and I’ll repeat: If something not be done about it, you’ll see an monster evasion of people… that’s because when you get some point of the evolution in the game, takes TO LONG to do the improvements. That’s what I think…

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Ok. But how can some team that create some incredible game and some discuss plataform like this, can not work on this kind of modifications???

I’m not sure if the posters above have actually read what I posted:

This is the first item listed on the Shortlist of items being worked on. I’m waiting for more news to be able to share. Keep your eyes on the shortlist link! :wink:


I read in one of the forums that installing a second builder or something similar was under serious consideration.
I am requesting that this issue be expedited as it takes so long to upgrade as you get to higher levels.
Thank you.


Any minute now the old timers will be in here bitching that since they didn’t have a second builder, no one else can either…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


But when I first started in this game we only had 10 people per alliance, no fast tracking with second builders, and no ascension mats! And we didn’t have no fancy charts to help us farm either! :wink: :smile: :rofl:
(actually all true…)

All I hope is that it comes out at the same time something like the stronghold level cap gets raised. I made it through 1 week builds before…not looking forward to anything longer!!

Here’s two links for you to read. It’s definitely on the short list. Note the dates of the original topics when you are looking at timeline. Note, that the conversation with the Lead Designer took place about 3 weeks before the write up (it was a very busy time!)

(And I’m moving this post to go with others of it’s like. )

I wish it could be released as soon as possible and for everyone, certainly not a paid monthly feature.

Have to build like 20 dragon banners or else iron would be full for 3+ days.

Is there a final decision made whether the second builder makes it into the game or not ? Unfortunately it was not included in the current update. Is there a timeline when the second builder will be available ? I think its one of the Improvements desperately awaited by the whole Community
Best regards
Lars Götze

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The developers put it at the top of their Shortlist (items coming soon) that was released weeks ago. I assume if it’s not here yet, there is still something to iron out before it is released in an update.

I think a second builder would be great, even though I just struggled my way to SH 20, one at a time, for 6 months :joy:
I still have lots of buildings to max and who knows, maybe more will come in the future.
I would love that part to be easier for newer players.


Maybe there could be two separate builders:-

  • one builder exclusively for the SH
  • one builder that can be used on any other building

This way, devs can just exclude the SH from the current building mechanism and then implement a second builder with same code but covering only the SH.

“In reality”, a realm would be developing the SH (the heart of the community) and at the same time investing resources in other parts of the city/realm/castled-city as the needs arise :wink:

This would help new players catch up a bit faster but still in a balanced way and would irritate less older players, who should however accept that they have advantages (summoned event heroes, having already built a strong team) over new players but without new players a game and a community would age out!!


Please read the actual Shortlist above; a second builder is the first item on the list of things SG is considering adding to the game. :slight_smile:

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hi Rook, yes I am aware.
Mine was just an idea to make it a bit different to make it more appeasing to older players who have finished most of their construction :wink:

Having said that, if they are already working on the development, it is unlikely plans can be changed late in the day :slight_smile:

If I have finished SH20 (nearly done!), I wouldn’t want one builder dedicated to that finished building, I’d want both builders available to me to build anything I please. :wink:


Granted and I have a lot of buildings that still need to be advanced…having said that, you don’t want another uprising of the old players (as had happened with the old very special offer) :wink:

No worries. But—as a semi-old player—I think the focus should be what’s best for the game. I want my two builders, darn it! :grin:

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Second builder is hard (for some reason).

Just cut all building times above level 5 (or 10, or just all of them) in half: problem solved. They could do that with 1.9.5 if they so wished.

Pissing off older folks such as myself that ground out SH20 the hard way, eh whatever… here’s 5 gems for every level building you got above the cutoff line or something by way of compensation if that’s even necessary. People won’t quit over it and ultimately more competition is a good thing for everyone.


I dont think the 2nd builder will have that much og an inpact. Cause the iron cost high for the low cap, and the iron in is not high enough to run 2 building at the same time. You can maybe start it 1 or 2 hours before normal end. So I think they still will be frustration from the new players.

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A building queue would be very helpful – letting a player tee up the next (one) build. Yes, yes, I know one can manage long builds to occur overnight, but a “next building” option would make development a bit less real-time.

My vote would be be towards adding the second builder and no building queue. Then those who want to make full use of the two builders would have to plan so that none of the builders finishes overnight. Fun!

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