Second Builder / Building Wait Times - Please add your ideas and comments here!

Read up to the link in my post immediately before your post.

These are all the current ideas being considered by the game developers. Some of them (Alliance Wars) will arrive sooner than others. :wink:


pourquoi le fait de monter son bastion ne réduirait pas le temps des autre bâtiment ? c’est tout a fait faisable ça au fur et a mesure qu’on monte notre bastion ça réduit le temps des autres

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Building the stronghold does not reduce building times for other buildings. Good suggestion, though!

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La construction de la forteresse ne réduit pas les temps de construction pour les autres bâtiments. Bonne suggestion, cependant!

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I like the game very much but i really hate to sit on a pill of Resources at my base while not being able to start a second or even a third build request for my base. This is a real severe nuissance for all people! Please enable parallel base updates. This would truly speed up progress and improve players satisfaction for sure

Thank you in advance

Hello Zerathul,

This is a duplicate request. It’s was possible to start a second builder when the game has been first released, but iOS was not able to support it, so they removed the feature.

This might be of interest:


That does not sound promising. Why can IOS not support this kind of feature?

See above post. A second builder is one of the first ideas addressed. :wink:

We don’t know, we are only elder players trying to help others.


Thank you a Moderator has replied to my post as well. The second builder has a good chance to make it into the update

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I think it would be a good idea if we could use iron for one building and simultaneously use food to build another.


I think it’s also stupid that you can only build one building instead of several…


It really would increase a new wave into this game… ‘cause we are stuck with this limitations. I’ve been saying this and I’ll repeat: If something not be done about it, you’ll see an monster evasion of people… that’s because when you get some point of the evolution in the game, takes TO LONG to do the improvements. That’s what I think…

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Ok. But how can some team that create some incredible game and some discuss plataform like this, can not work on this kind of modifications???

I’m not sure if the posters above have actually read what I posted:

This is the first item listed on the Shortlist of items being worked on. I’m waiting for more news to be able to share. Keep your eyes on the shortlist link! :wink:


I read in one of the forums that installing a second builder or something similar was under serious consideration.
I am requesting that this issue be expedited as it takes so long to upgrade as you get to higher levels.
Thank you.


Any minute now the old timers will be in here bitching that since they didn’t have a second builder, no one else can either…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


But when I first started in this game we only had 10 people per alliance, no fast tracking with second builders, and no ascension mats! And we didn’t have no fancy charts to help us farm either! :wink: :smile: :rofl:
(actually all true…)

All I hope is that it comes out at the same time something like the stronghold level cap gets raised. I made it through 1 week builds before…not looking forward to anything longer!!

Here’s two links for you to read. It’s definitely on the short list. Note the dates of the original topics when you are looking at timeline. Note, that the conversation with the Lead Designer took place about 3 weeks before the write up (it was a very busy time!)

(And I’m moving this post to go with others of it’s like. )

I wish it could be released as soon as possible and for everyone, certainly not a paid monthly feature.

Have to build like 20 dragon banners or else iron would be full for 3+ days.

Is there a final decision made whether the second builder makes it into the game or not ? Unfortunately it was not included in the current update. Is there a timeline when the second builder will be available ? I think its one of the Improvements desperately awaited by the whole Community
Best regards
Lars Götze

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