Second Builder / Building Wait Times - Please add your ideas and comments here!

That’s also been suggested. :grin:

Any way to queue building upgrades?

Unfortunately NOPE. Not at the moment yet and hence this and many other posts in the forum requesting for similar building related features and enhancements. Hopefully it will happen some day in the not too distant future :grin:

@Petri Before you implement a second builder, please add levels to the game. I have level 20 SH, tower, all farms, all mines, one forge, and soon 2 training camps. Soon there is nothing to upgrade anymore. If you are going to speed up the progression in the game you need to make it deeper so people don’t hit the ceiling


I believe we should be able to do 2 buildings at once and the barracks conversion should not be counted. I also feel that because the stronghold takes so long it should not count as one of the two builds. It is just so unfair that it starts to take days for the stronghold and you cannot do anything else in the meantime. It’s just to confining!

It’s not unfair; everyone has the same deal. However you’ll be happy to note that they are trying to add a second builder again in the future.

Read here:

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Helle editors. Here is some ideas that Will make This great game Even better… First… It could be so fun if we could duel eachother in the alliance with No stakes… Second… There should be some type of reward for makeing it trough season 1 at least a symbolic one…third… A great concept from other allike game is alliance wars. Mayby a big Island where we can caputere and defend teretories… Fourth… 6* heroes and speciel reward avatars… A bigger top alliance list Mayby top 2 or 300 alliances. It would also be great if alliance leaders had more opitunities for private talk and if you could do a player search and write to them for rekruting. Ill Hope you Will use theese surgetions to make This game big and great. A better titan loot system so the Best playes Will get the Best rewards.

It would be excellent the use of materials that is achieved in normal missions (this material should be easy to achieve and not take months as it is done with the rest of the materials in this game), to accelerate the constructions, so we could use the gems or that new materials.

Another option would be that the constructions are accelerated automatically as you raise the fortification, thus you incite more to the players to want to raise and to advance in the game.

And the last thing I can think of is to use an operation similar to the forge but with the buildings, I mean, first you have to investigate the buildings and while you investigate one can build another that already investigated, and when you investigate a buildings reduce the construction time for the time spent investigating them.


I completely disagree with the second builder idea, if you people want better building times skip with gems, how fair would that be for my friend that used gems to skip so many buildings and now he’s reaching SH 20, and also for many others, it’s just not fair.

There are way better things that could be improved instead of something like this.

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Read up to the link in my post immediately before your post.

These are all the current ideas being considered by the game developers. Some of them (Alliance Wars) will arrive sooner than others. :wink:


pourquoi le fait de monter son bastion ne réduirait pas le temps des autre bâtiment ? c’est tout a fait faisable ça au fur et a mesure qu’on monte notre bastion ça réduit le temps des autres

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Building the stronghold does not reduce building times for other buildings. Good suggestion, though!

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La construction de la forteresse ne réduit pas les temps de construction pour les autres bâtiments. Bonne suggestion, cependant!

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I like the game very much but i really hate to sit on a pill of Resources at my base while not being able to start a second or even a third build request for my base. This is a real severe nuissance for all people! Please enable parallel base updates. This would truly speed up progress and improve players satisfaction for sure

Thank you in advance

Hello Zerathul,

This is a duplicate request. It’s was possible to start a second builder when the game has been first released, but iOS was not able to support it, so they removed the feature.

This might be of interest:


That does not sound promising. Why can IOS not support this kind of feature?

See above post. A second builder is one of the first ideas addressed. :wink:

We don’t know, we are only elder players trying to help others.


Thank you a Moderator has replied to my post as well. The second builder has a good chance to make it into the update

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I think it would be a good idea if we could use iron for one building and simultaneously use food to build another.


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