Second Builder / Building Wait Times - Please add your ideas and comments here!

This thread is a collection of posts and topics all related to adding the feature of a second builder to the game, shortening build times, or alternatives to reducing wait times.

As a note, there was a brief time where you could get a subscription to have a second builder, however because of reasons outside of Small Giant’s control, it wasn’t available to apple users. So to be fair, the second builder feature was removed from the game.

Please do continue to add your thoughts and ideas on this subject here!

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Talking with a lot of the other players. In my alliance and global chats. We would love to see a second builder. So we can upgrade two buildings at once.


This is a duplicate request. As I said to the others, it was possible before, but iOS is not able to support it. So they removed this feature.

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Oh well that sucks. Of course iOS had to go and mess up a good thing. Lol

In the beginning of the game one building at a time was just fine. The deeper you go, it becomes more of a nuisance. I think once you get to … say level 18 (or ?)… you should be able to have at least two buildings going at a time. I think this is the biggest reason I’ve dialed back on my presents in the game the higher I get.
Thank you for listening
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As it has been said many times on the Forums, at the beginning of the game, Android players were given 2 builders. For some reason, the game could not make it work for IOS and in the interest of fairness, reduced all builders to one. That’s what you have now.

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One would think if the times were planned for two builders that they would’ve just cut them all in half for one heh.

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It wasn’t given. You had to pay a monthly fee for it. I suppose that is what they didn’t get working on ios.

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It’s probably not even really worth mentioning anymore, it’s not coming back.

Well… that’s just a bummer :pensive: Then maybe cut down on the time it takes to
build? 3 days or more for one building is a bit much… “Am I wrong?”

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They’ve had months to change it and have not. I think the system is working as intended, more or less.

Well the vast majority of the content is accessible below SH 20, and really below SH 11 or maybe 13 (TC 13 for 4* hero shots I guess).

Given it takes around 6 months to field a truly competitive team (at least for regular top 10 anyway) it doesn’t seem like that extreme of a thing.

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The building limitations need to be changed. Only being able to build 1 building at a time is ridiculous. Leave the time limit for completion, but, if players have enough iron or food to upgrade other buildings; they should be allowed to do so. Upgrading the stronghold for 2 days and not being able to do anything else fills up storage for sure, but then wastes a lot of farming or mining time since you can’t spend anything until the SH is done.

For example… I am stuck right now and need to level some heroes. I need holy and dark low levels to train with, but, I can’t get them because I leveled my SH to 11 so I can get the Barracks building higher and it is taking 2 days to up the SH. Holy and Dark heroes open up at 9 and 10 training building level, but I can’t level up to those on training buildings while waiting on the SH to finish up. This is just ridiculous. I almost uninstalled the game because of this problem and only kept it because a friend begged me to so we can chat in our alliance together.


Go the random route. Even if not same color, you can use them for others or even holy or dark. You’re only looking at a few percentage points difference if you choose to level with different colors.

Random works just for leveling, but if I level a holy like Bane with another holy, I get a 2% chance to increase special attack. Any other type only gives a 1% chance. When you use 10 level 1* holy’s you get a 20% chance to increase special attack when compared to 10 of any other color only giving you a 10% chance. Toss in a matching trainer of the same color and you get a higher chance, and the higher the * count the even higher the chance of upping your special attack. I only level up with matching colors. I have 3 Heroes all with maxed out special attack on my iPad account and still have several regular levels to go to fully max them out. that is the best way to progress with the least amount of effort.

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I get it. Many have had mixed results with leveling with same or different colored heroes. I’m not sure in the end it makes as big of a difference as we think. I have gone with over 50% chances and it seems like those rarely get a special ability bump, meanwhile 10% chance seems more often to give a bump. Only guarantee is if you can manage a 100% chance.

I’d love to be able to upgrade several buildings at once. But we’re unlikely to get that, because you can eliminate the delay if you’re willing to buy gems to do it. Four hours to go until my stronghold upgrade is complete, and all my iron stores are full.


Plus the gem ratio to skip a build is ludicrous…i may spend 10-20 gems here and there to skip a build but im not going to drop 600, especially since i dont even have nearly that much generally…thats like 6 or 7 bucks. They would likely get that out of me gradually over if the gem ratios were at least semi fair but out of principle i wont give that many to skip a build…definetely the dumbest part of the game and biggesy money grab move.


I won’t spend real cash on this game. So if they are restricting builds as a way to make cash via buying gems; then I will just bide my time and wait. If they won’t let us build based on having enough food or iron to do so, then maybe raise the limit to at least 2 build upgrades at a time and shorten how long it takes. 2 days to go from stronghold 11 to 12 is just insane.


Rob Burlingame


Move the barracks–at the first opportunity–to a spare forge. People typically use this building less.

Alternatively, you can make the Barracks go poof and wait to call them till you next need them (you will have to not be building something else at that time).