Second Anniversary Raffle - Thank You Our Amazing Community!

  • Seeing Alby’s special go off for the first time when I was raiding with him.
  • Actually crying when my first alliance leader left for a more relaxed alliance because of a change in his life circumstances.
  • Actually crying when an alliance member set up a gofundme to help out another alliance member.
  • Being drunk in the back of a cab, angry because it was Christmas, then pulling Zim and thinking everything might turn out okay in the end.

My fondest memory of E&P is the first last minute victory against a Titan after I switched to a very active alliance (after spending my first weeks in this game in a dead alliance that I randomly clicked on in the alliance finder). This was the first time E&P really felt like a multiplayer-coop game for me.

So far: My fondest memory is getting Joon from Training Camp level 20! He is the reason I started playing this game!

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Happy birthday
Happiest moments is learning to raid,

  1. getting to platinum by always playing the cup odds
  2. getting to diamond because I learnt about mono teams
  3. having a great run and hitting the top 100.
    I have no idea how that happened

It wouldn’t have happened if not for a great alliance and this forum.

Best day beating legendary Xmas

Moving from the first alliance I was in to the newly formed Guardians Reborn was probably the best experience I’ve had in the game.

For a few weeks, I had been looking on the forums for a suitable alliance to join. The alliance I started in was a mix of active, inactive, f2p, casual, c2p, and maybe a p2w? They were stuck languishing at the 4-5* titan level and I perceived that I was the only one really growing in the alliance. Some of the advice given was also questionable (as I knew from reading the forums). I also didn’t really have much chemistry with the active people there. I started looking at Guardians of Terra and saw @Annieb and @JonahTheBard write thoughtful posts in the forum, but waited for the right moment to pull the trigger. Then:

Boom. Time to peace out. Upon joining, we raced through low-level titans and quickly found ourselves beating 6* and 7* titans; unimaginable in my old alliance. The friendly atmosphere, activity, and good leadership is why I’m still a member today. We fight 10* regularly now, and looking back on that initial wave of euphoria and camaraderie regarding our quick progress is hard to top.


I’m fairly new, but absolutely love this game, my fondest memories are being made right now today. Finally got the last orb of magic to ascend my very 1st 4star I had recieved today from the Atlantis offering. So very excited to get him fully developed. Enjoy this game several times a day. Thanks for the awesome gift!

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Happy anniversary
My best memory will be Thursday when I win the 600 gems. Thnx

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My fondest memory was joining my first serious alliance. They were a great bunch of players, unfortunately, one of the leaders left the game and it was not the same afterwards.

My favorite memories are the ones I’ve created with the awesome people who play. Going through all the normal E&P highs and lows. The people truly are what make the game.

Well I’ve only been playing for a short while, but I must say that getting two 5* heroes on my first x10 Atlantis pull today is my fondest memory so far :wink: Especially after spending some time here on the forum, reading that you can basically forget about getting 5* heroes cause it’s never going to happen unless you dump a lot of money in the game. Was a very nice surprise to get the summon results :slight_smile:

Happy Anniversary!
Though bad form, my fondest memory is probably doing my first 10 pull while chairing a meeting in my office (someone else was presenting material at the time, which I had been over and over and over) Lack of sleep and poor judgement had me cheer loudly when getting my first 5* (Evelyn). This was thankfully interpreted as oddly expressed enthusiasm for the content being presented. Learned my lesson but still makes me laugh.


My best memory of this addicting game i think is the first time i faced a well organized american alliance during a war… i was already “captured” by the complexity of this game, but when i understood that there where a deeper level of strategy… wow, i love complicated things!
now i’m a proud member of that ally and i grew up with friends from all around the world :grinning:

I appreciate a whole lot about the game — you’ve provided a game that is satisfying for free, for cheap, and for pay (as long as you are clear about what is possible in your level). Thank you for your work, and don’t let the occasionally vitriolic comments in the fora get you down.

I’ve only played for a couple of months now, I still remember the excitement of pulling my first 4-star and my only 5-star. Probably the best was managing to kill that rare titan a week ago.

My fondest memory is pretty recent with this game. As the friend invites were added I convinced one of my classmates to give the game a try and help me with my referral. He was kinda interested because a few times he saw me playing and tried a few raids and story levels on my phone, but the referral was the deal maker to get him into playing the game. As he completed the invite with reaching level 10 I’ve earned almost enough gems for a single pull, and then the Valentine’s offer came around, and got me enough for a few pulls and I’ve got Kunchen as a bonus draw alongside some feeder 3*s. Now today when the anniversary and the gifts came around he didn’t even check the offer because he didn’t want to spend anything on a mobile game and as I mentioned the 2 free Atlantis summons, he got Frida as a bonus draw. We called it equal, one HOTM for me and one for him.

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Best memory so far is the first rare completion, which netted a damascus blade. No idea when I’ll get to use it, but it sure looks nice. Squeaked by with a level 12 forge.

:tada:Happy Anniversary E&P!:tada:

It may seem odd, but my favorite memory is the day I was huddled in bed with a particularly nasty strain of the flu. Hubby had been playing this game where you fed heroes to each other. Ewww…! It sounded weird and he could never get me interested in it. But that day he knew my resistance was down and forced me to download it.

The results of that flu lasted 5 months and E&P went to every doctors appointment, test and hospital visit with me. It was my constant companion and kept my mind off figuring out new ways to glare at my Dr. when the tests came back inconclusive.

That was 1 1/2 years ago. Since then, we’ve built a fantastic alliance that has amazing people from all over the world. I found this forum with even more wonderful people and information. While I no longer need this game to help me kill time, I play it for the sheer enjoyment of the people around me. None of which I would have met if I hadn’t had the flu… :grin:

Thank-you E&P for a great game!


It’s not only a fondest memory, it’s more.

A simple word that I use to type for my ally memebers. It’s like a mantra.

When you’re summonig say ‘Ooooooooom’ for praying to the odds gods.
When the titan score is too low say ‘Ooooooooom’.
When you need help type and say ‘Ooooooooom’

A lot of laughs, funny moments and it’s increíble how a simple word make an alliance stronger and conected.

Hunting titans, fighting in wars. Our family business.

My favorite E&P memory is from alliance war a little while back.

We had a very close fight going, all our big hitters had taken their best shots, and the outcome was very much still in doubt. The win–if it was going to happen–was down to some of our new players with their last few flags.

One of our brightest new members had just rags left for his final flag–partially leveled 3* and 4* heroes from the “when I get around to it” end of the feeder queue.

He basically needed to one-shot a team 1000 TP better than the best he could assemble. We spent about 10 minutes talking strategy and tactics, figuring out angles for an impossible fight.

When he finally felt ready, the height of his confidence was a tentative “well, here goes…” Four minutes later, we were an extra 80 points to the good. I couldn’t have been prouder of him.

Current odds of post selection: 31 to 1. Plan your posts accordingly :slightly_smiling_face:


My favorite time was hitting #78 in the raid rankings. This despite having never summoned a HOTM or an event 5*.

Only reason I stopped at that point is it was time to go to work. By the time I arrived at work 30 minutes later I had lost 478 cups.

Was fun while it lasted.