Second Anniversary Raffle - Thank You Our Amazing Community!

Hi everyone,

:birthday: Happy 2nd Anniversary of Empires & Puzzles! :birthday:

HUGE thank you, dear player, we wouldn’t be here without our amazing community! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

So let’s celebrate this special occasion by having a special 2nd Anniversary E&P Raffle! :gift::partying_face:

:crossed_swords: Share us your fondest Empires & Puzzles memory here on this topic
:crossed_swords: We will randomly pick 5 winners from all the entries on Thursday, March 7, and reward them with a small in-game gift (600 gems plus an Energy Pack)!


Thanks to EP i found the Woman I love and I’m still dating her makes 8 months now… That’s the best reason I will always remember EP for the rest of my life!!!


I have a few great memories. The first is from my previous alliance during wars when we would try to flip the board. We were fairly new and it was an accomplishment the first time we did it.

The next memory would be maxing my first five star, Lianna. And getting Athena from the previous Atlantis portal.

Glad y’all are doing something extra to bring good vibes to the community. Hope these types of threads happen more often from the SG staff. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congrats on the milestone!

As for the memory, I will probably long remember my little achievement from the Christmas challenge. I played it early December on advanced and got my behind kicked so hard by Mother North and her minions (2 months into playing this game so still rather unimpressive and random roster). Then I put together a strategy to control her mana, but my only mana controller was freshly pulled Proteus at 1/1. I had worked entire month to max him, and just few days before the end of the season was able to beat all the stages with much less effort.

It was the time I realized and experienced that it is not crazy amount of pulls or luck, but mostly strategic thinking and planning that allows you to succeed in this game.


i have been playing this gme for 2 years, lost my phone and profile with this mishap, but i reinstalled, started from the begining, and becuase i know now how and what goes for what, im at a very good spot, 3 strongest in my guild, and with yesterdays atlantis summond, i managed to get 4x 4stars, 1x 3 star and 1x 5star heroes, this is the best game ever and will do everuthing in my power not to loose my profile, have backed up all info, will paly this game for many years to come. keep up the good work. rate this game 100/10.


When I was just starting out I knew nothing about what made a hero good (mana speed, versatility, team synergy). I did my first ever pulls during Guardians of Teltoc hoping for the Owl, I thought his artwork looked so cool and he was difficult to deal with in the event with my small heroes. I ended up pulling Panther and all the Guardian heroes after a couple 10x pulls except for the Owl and was pretty disappointed not knowing how lucky I really was. I now know how useful Panther is and I love her, she brought my 4* team to 2700+ a few times and she doubled my titan scores. I still smile everytime I use her while looking back at how disappointed I was to draw her instead of Owl.


My best memory started off bad, because I couldn’t log into my account after getting a new phone. I remember that there was some bug in the game that devs really needed to focus on, so I didn’t expect them to address my support ticket quickly, but they did. I regained access to my account and had 1 hour left to do my war hits, did 6 one shots for the first time ever and we won the war because of that. Oh, the relief.


My fondest memory?
After hearing so much about needing to learn patience (expect nothing, or so they said), my very first tc13 gave me Boldtusk.
From thereon I’m boldly stumbling forward despite what everyone says :slight_smile:


My best memory was getting Drake Fong :slight_smile: But there are so many to choose from and most of them involve my teammates :slight_smile:


easy and I share it whenever is ontopic :smile:

started on 21st august and after 2 months of play and research, as a f2p with only 2 months vip needed for tc20 haste:

Happy Happy Joy all over again!!!! :smile: :partying_face:


Happy Anniversary!
I had many great memories playing this game but the best one was when our leader celebrated a wedding between two team mates using the in game chat. These two team mates are also married in real life but they wanted to celebrate their union also in the game


I’ll will never forget when I got my first epic token from SG due to an issue and summoned Gravemaker. I was completely numb and didn’t know I got one of the best heroes of this game :wink:


Guin on last single pull last Avalon event.


I have alot good memories from my alliance,but my best one was in january when my 4 year old son pulled me hotm with a free token and we both screamed out of happiness ( me a bit more ofc)


Happy B-Day! :cake:

My fondest E&P memory is that I get to meet so many international people and it’s great to fight along their side! Without alliances, this game would be way less interesting. :slight_smile:


Congrats on two years :slight_smile:

I’ll never forget the first time I ever hit a titan for over 100k, a rare 11 star harpy. I had never seen so many yellow tiles before :slight_smile: Than I went to an aquarium with my family and that was great too!


Best memory:. When I had been a member of my alliance for two days & they made me an elder because I enjoyed chatting & encouraging everyone. I became a co-leader not long after. All this even though I was really not good & slow to advance in the game. I learned that there are different ways to support the team… Including the Valentine’s Day offer this year - great memories of that kindergarten type joy!!! …and being taken seriously by the designers when I asked to reorient the sorcerer emblem. That meant a lot to me.

I know that’s more than one. This has been a good place for me & I am just grateful for the whole experience. Thank you!!!


Happy 2nd Anniversary. Fondest memory, 1st time doing knights of avalon on legendary having to use kiril and sonya (reflect blue) who were my only options at the time and actually beating all the stages.

Thanks for producing such a great game, keep it up. Looking forward to what’s ahead.


My best memory is the Birth of my beloved Alliance

Guardia Reale

Togheter since november 2017.




Happy Anniversary!

My fondest memory was about a month into the game I had been playing up to that point with Layla as my strongest dark hero. I’d finally got my TC to lvl 12 and on the first pull out popped Balthazar. I almost cried.


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