Second Account People


Googleplay is the easiest thing under the sun regarding having a second account. You just setup another google play account and in game log out and in with it.


just use another email and make a new google account, pretty sure that you’ll have no issues that way


Are we talking about two Google Play Accounts under the same Android User Account? This does sound a bit risky… I haven’t dared, but anyone has experience using two Google Play Accounts under the same Android User Account? This is probably what SG doesn’t officially support?

However family shared device, or someone with multiple Android User Accounts on the same device shouldn’t be risky, and should be support by SG officially. So does SG officially support this way or not? Thanks in advanced.


I imagine that It’d be easier and shouldn’t be risky… None of this logging out from one side and forced closing of the Empires & Puzzles game and switching Android User Accounts and starting Empires and logging in every-time? Or is this wrong thinking?


I’m talking about two different Google accounts, it’s very easy to do and you can swap between them in the game no issues at all


No issues have appeared based on your own experience? In other words, are you switching game-accounts with this method? I’m curious if it works, because sometimes I’m pretty bored which makes me think about starting a 2nd account for fun.


There still seems to be vague details. You saying be logged under the same Android Google User account but in the game switch between two different Google accounts? This seems risky than be switching to different Android Google User account and running the game.


The game offers you this option. After you have logged out of your Google Play Account and have hard-closed the game, it will ask you on which (of the registered on to your device) Google Play Account you want to login. I have just tested it myself and it refreshes after you have chosen the other account. It seems as simple as that… but risky? I don’t know.


yes i’ve used that method several times, i use my phone for my main account and an emulator for my second one, but when i’m away from my pc i change account on my phone, it’s the same theory as different people in your family using the same phone to play


It would be nice to have official SG response, clear to what exactly It doesn’t support. The official SG article seems flawed.


Not sure if this clarifies things for people, but your main android google user account can own multiple gmails. These gmails can open their own google play games account.

When you are in the game, click on the settings gear and sign out from your current game account. Press the sign in button again and it will ask which game account you would like to sign in and it will show you all the gmail emails you own. Use one of these alternate addresses to create a new game account.

Select the alt gmail address and it will have you create a new gamer id. Once you have a new id you can freely switch between accounts just by signing in and out from the game settings page. This is how I switch from my main to my alt when I don’t have an extra device on hand. No force closing of anything, no signing out of your main android user account, switching takes place within the game the rest of you device is not disturbed or changed in any way.


exactly you can add multiple google accounts on your android phone then is just a matter of adding them in game, sign out tap sign in a choose add another account and then you can switch between them


Been playing multiple accounts for 6 months or more. Only had one real issue, and it wasn’t major.


What was your real issue?


He was trying to get the account to accept another accounts password. :rofl:


I have 2 accounts, and the only problem I had was in the Sand Empire, i finished lvl 10 for a trainer hero, changed account and finished it again (same device), second time did not get the trainer hero.
Sent an e-mail to support, and to them it showed as collected and used (what I did in the first account).
Other than that, it has worked fine.


share how u do that please