Second Account People

Hi All,

I am a bit at a wall on my primary account and am debating setting up a second. I think it would be fun to take all I have learned and then apply it to see if I can progress more quickly.

Do I have to use another device or can I use my same device but with different itunes/GC credentials? I’m not super tech savvy (can hold my own but have never done this) and I know some folks do it so hoping they can chime in :slight_smile:


you can use the same device, you just need to sign in and out (and hard close the app) of ios game center between accounts. I’m on IOS here’s the steps

  1. create 2nd apple game center account (on the apple website)
  2. on your phone/ipad, hard close the app (double tap home button, swipe empires up)
  3. go to settings → game center, then click apple id and sign out. click apple ID again and sign in with 2nd account
  4. open empires and play.

I’m assuming google play has a similar setup.

I use my 2nd account to see what I can do with mostly F2P (spent <$20).

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What are the benefits of have two a/c ? if you don’t mine asking please.

Entertainment when your primary account hits the ascension wall, really.

Thanks for the help!

Right! fair enough. Thankyou.

The other reason is we are having a tough time getting 100% hit rates from our alliance, so a few of us are creating a 2nd account to help with this. We are stuck on 6* because only 20-23 hit. We replace them and maybe 25-27 hit but a lot of folks get smashed by a 5 and 6* if they haven’t been playing long. We have a 400 cup requirement but that’s still yielding members with 1800-2000 power and it’s just not enough. 600 cups seems to attract no one.

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I have a second account as I spend some $ on the main account. The second I want to see what I can do with a very minimal spend, just knowing what I know now.

Also, I like to give myself golfer’s elbow from my phone.


Would someone please explain how to do this on an Android device? Please and thank you. :smile:

I’ll bet if you google “how to create a second google play account”, a bunch of articles (some even by Google) will pop up showing you how to do that.

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I read SG say somewhere that while second accounts are not forbidden, they are not supported, since the game is meant to be played with one account.

Just a thought.

I believe Rook is referring to this article on SG site. Sorry if this is not what you guys wanted to hear on this topic.

So what data exactly can be lost? That is concerning considering I spent some money in both accounts. Had I seen this I probably wouldn’t have rolled the dice.

Has anyone that has been playing with a second account for any length of time had data loss? I am going to email SG and see what the risks are since I am early on.

I’ve had a second account for a month and all good. IOS.

That’s it Ronin…thanks! :wink:

I have two accounts, however I have them setup on two separate devices with two different Game Center IDs. I have zero worries about data loss since I don’t ever need to logout of the Game Center and login another user. Works fine for me and I have changed devices and restored each account after the device switch with no problems. I would be wary of using one device and logging in and out of an account though. Seems like a perfect scenario to have errors occur.


That’s what I am doing - I emailed the devs to see what my options are. Just not worth it for a risk averse guy like me :slight_smile:


like great Master Count Doooku once said: Twice the account, double the fun…

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“designed to be played with only one account per person.”

“However, we cannot offer official support for multiple accounts”

“Please note that Game Center and Google Play only supports one game per account.”

… those quotes from the SG main ‘Can I play with multiple accounts?’ article.

While multiple accounts not forbidden by SG. SG doesn’t offer support to those with multiple accounts. It’s already stated on the same page that Game Center and Google Play only supports one game per account.

So what is SG saying? For those using family devices, and having several iOS and Android User accounts… And there’s multiple family members using Empires & Puzzles game under their User account, that there be no official SG support? This sounds a bit much… just like SG has the right to delete a players inactive account that’s idling for 180 days.

Regardless if it’s family shared device or someone with multiple Android or iOS User accounts, what’s the problem?

How exactly does Empires & Puzzles able to conflict, and merit no official support if the same device is using multiple Android User accounts? Please explain…? Thanks.

Had our fellow alliance member using 2 accounts on same phone mess up something and he lost access to one of them. Playing 2 from 1 device is a bit risky

Just to clarify, family sharing is not a problem as it requires Apple ID for each person.

Game Center only supports one game account per Apple ID. Same for Google Play (one game accounts per Google Play account).