Second 5* green?

I have Lianna 4-80 and Kadilen, Elkanen and Horghall 2-60.

I don´t have any Hotm (F2p with bad luck).

What hero should ascend now?

Should I wait for the green panther in December to see if my luck changes? (I have 4 4* in 4-70)

Evelyn (the green HotM coming in december) is really a must have hero, so if you are going to try seriously for her i must say wait.

Out of the mentioned heroes you have my pick would be Kadilen, but honestly she don’t make such difference that you need to ascend her ASAP.

A consideration: it is my opinion (totally without proof) that having already the ascension material for the hero you want doesn’t help summon him/her.

So… If you want her use that tonics :grin:

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I spent tonics on Kadilen in the hope of summoning Tarlak, no such luck, lol :wink:

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Depends what you want them for, and what heroes you already have.

The only place I see all three, is in raid (and war) defence, and I find Horghall to be the scariest there. 7DD agrees with me, and gives Horghall an A grade for defence team.

7DD grades Kadilen as C vs titans.

Other than that, they’re all straight B grades, according to 7DD.

Personally, I find Kadilen the least scary defence hero among these, but if anything, it seems 7DD disagrees with me here; looking at the individual aspects of defence, it seems they have Kadilen slightly stronger than Elkanen. Either way, pretty close.

And in any case, it depends on what you want it for, as well as what you have besides: It’s not as if any of your heroes, let alone your 2nd green, will go soloing.

i favor fast mana heros so I would say wait for Evelyn. If you don’t get her or Zeline when she pops up then Kadelin.

I’m in almost the exact same situation. I have Zeline as my one 5* green (lucky pull I know!) and horghall sitting at 3-60. December seems so far away! I’ve also been generally pretty low on green ascension mats so I guess I’ll wait at least for a while.

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