Secon account doesn't have the collect all heroes button in training camp

Hi! I am currently playing with two accounts on one mobile. The oldest and principal one has the option to collect all heroes from the training camp with one click. The secondary account doesn’t. I have to collect them one by one.
I really didn’t give much though about the inconvenience. But I have noticed that since discovering the difference, I am playing less with my secondary account.

Do you have at least one Training Camp at Level 20 on that account?


^ what Zeph said. You have to have a TC20 for it to work.

Though… seeing as how I haven’t bugged you in a while… @zephyr1
Silly question. 100% on topic, I promise, even though it’s mostly just a pathetic excuse to talk to you (and say “hey wassup man! hope you’re doin’ good”)


Here’s the 100% fully on-topic, completely valid question:

Why does this function only work if you have a TC20? Is there like… a specific reasoning behind that particular restriction?

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No particularly rational reason I know of, just what the game designers decided.

If I had to guess, they may have been concerned that if it unlocked too early in gameplay, people would end up with too many feeders in their roster, without Food to eat them, since that’s more of an issue early on.

If that’s the case, they may have decided it unlocking with TC20 would enable it at a reasonable point in gameplay for new players.

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Or perhaps they just want something for people to aspire to - a perk of playing the game long enough

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Hmm… okay. Guess that makes sense. Though I’ve always fed my feeders as soon as I got them. Never ran into food concerns until I started trying to do research on advanced buildings and ascending multiple 5* heroes at the same time (really major first world problems). :grin:

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That’s good, because I’m just wildly guessing their thinking. :rofl:


I know, but I like how you were able to conjure up a seemingly reasonable explanation like that out of thin air. You’d make a great PR guy. :grin:

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Ups! I have my training camps at level 19. I thought it was at that level that the “collect all” appeared. So, case solved. I just need to raise one camp at 20.
Still, it makes more sense to me to use the “collect all” at level 19 than at level 20.


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