Seasons of Wither🍂 Recruiting 3 Teammates!

:fallen_leaf:Seasons of Wither is a close-knit alliance, 3 years strong. Many of our teammates have been together for years. We consist of family members, friends, and married couples who have come together to play. We’ve had a few friends move on recently and are looking to fill our ranks.

:heartbeat:We are happy to train up… and actually THRIVE as a training alliance. We take down 10 & 11* Titans with the occasional 12 thrown in for a challenge. But, if you are lower level, don’t let the size of our Titans discourage you! We’re always happy to watch our teammates grow and THRIVE!

:t_rex:Titans are a requirement. Probation dictates: miss 3 without checking in & you’re out…

:crossed_swords:Wars are optional. If you Opt in, please use ALL your hits! We enjoy the team aspect of War, but aren’t agro about winning or losing. It’s just a fun thing we do twice a week… so, do your best.

:round_pushpin:LINE (The App) is REQUIRED for membership.

:rainbow_flag:We are an International (mostly US & UK) Alliance. English is our 1st Language and required for good communication.

:question:Questions? Let me know! I’m looking forward to meeting you!


Great Alliance! I’ve been with them 2 1/2 years.

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If you are looking for an alliance that is like family, come join us in SoW.

Whether you are relatively new to the game or experienced and tired of the grind and looking for friendly folks to hang out with we’d love to meet you… virtually of course :mask:

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We are still looking for 3 new teammates. :blush:

On the hunt for 2 new teammates. :blush:

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