Seasons of Love (Goodbye TGW) 💕

I also I am sad to hear about your health situation.
I have been a little more fortunate after getting two tumors removed and although I have to get checked every three months I can’t imagine what you are going through.
A year and a half ago I didn’t think I’d still be here.

I think you already know this but the only thing I can say as live every moment you have left to the fullest.
Don’t mean to sound like a cliché but whatever brings your joy stay close to that.

I’ll be thinking of you.

@eagle1 just want you to know that I am thinking of you often and of course I won’t forget Dave.

I am 100% sure as he was that we would’ve been good friends.
We will get together on the other side and definitely raise some hell.



Hi @sft1965 , I wish TGW was here to help cheer you up , he always helped me get through things too , sending hugs your way Steve, we are all still here for you .
You are a great forum and alliance member , everyone in the alliance definitely agree to that.
I’m glad you are recovering well from the first chemo treatment. I know that must be hard . Hang in there .
I’m doing OK, its been difficult though . the holidays are coming up , TGW loved Thanksgiving :slight_smile: it’s tough trying to get /stay in a festive spirit . But I’m trying. I know he’s watching me , and you still. He has our back, TGW always said you were his " brother from another mother" . :heart:


Thank you @arrow_slinger , I appreciate the prayers , I wake up each day thanking God for TGW and the time we had together , I’m glad he met so many here on the forum. I know he cared for so many here . Thank you once again .


Thank you @Sarah2 , I wish I was as talkative as TGW. I’d post more :slight_smile: thanks for the support.


Yep , you both would definitely had been good friends :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to seeing him again on the other side. Thank you @anc1ent1


@eagle1, Dave and I would talk for ages because he was just so well informed and quite passionate about certain issues. He was a truly wonderful person.

Please, have a happy Thanksgiving and just focus on happier times.

Much love, Steve. :heart: :heart:


I’m definitely thankful for the good times we shared :slight_smile: he was knowledgeable and passionate about things , quick to learn .
I remember finding him asleep at the computer while he was making memes , such a character :slight_smile: hope you have a good rest of the day Steve.


@eagle1 and I were chatting in ally chat and we noticed she has an eagle beside her name now! thanks to whomever gave it - was it you @Dudeious.Maximus ? :slight_smile:


I can neither confirm or deny that I gave said image to @eagle1
All images or text is provided by moderators by who??? is your guess and also mine too (expect dragons and medals that is noted by said moderaters) :green_heart::eagle::+1::wink:


A random event, and I
Thought of you @TGW,

After breakfast yesterday,
a rush to work ensued.
Only my dish soap is getting down
to the nitty gritty.

Now obviously, “The Science”, demands that I hold the soap container upside-down in order to apply it’s contents onto the scrub pad…so that I can tend to my morning affairs and not come home from work with chores waiting.

With a lack of patience I fling the bottle around to hurry the goo along. I must be on my way.

But the gooey insides of the container still cling to one inside wall!

And when I place the top-heavy container upright, a silent
is ghastly uttered before an audible kerplunk ushers from my cabinet.
I look…
There on its side, is my soap bottle.
Now this a problem!
I can’t come home and see that a small pile of goo has leaked from the bottle and fused itself to the floor of my cabinet.

So I pick it up again.

The clock is ticking… tick-tock tick-tock
I really must be going.

Goes the bottle a second time…

Now frustration injects itself, somewhere just above and behind my eyeballs.
Causing an effect like this:


Not a good way to start your day!
Difficult to think properly, and I…

Pick it up again.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tiiiimmmmber

Is this science?
Or is it the universe?
I ask myself almost with a smirk.
And with a slow, outward breath,
I accept the daily lesson of patience,
holding the bottle upright until the goo settles towards the bottom.

Thanks TGW! For tickling creativity here, so that I can carry it over there


Today’s Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! . David’s/TGWSs been gone 3 months now. I miss him tremendously. I miss others that are gone also. I’m thankful to everyone that’s been keeping tgws memory alive . I’m also thankful to @Petri for helping @sft1965 get back on the ghost ship, we missed him alot.


And on thanksgiving too :slight_smile: thanks @Petri and welcome back @sft1965 so nice seeing you again

Also hi to @amrath and @Duaneski happy thanksgiving ghosties @eagle1 big hugs, I’m thankful for my time with all of you and with @TGW !


I can’t believe it’s been three months! Time has no meaning anymore.

PS still missing TGW here.



Virtual hugs @eagle1. Adding my thanks to @Petri for helping @sft1965 find his way home. I’ve never been a Ghostie, but maybe one day I can visit the crew that meant so much to @TGW. Infinite blessings :heart:.


Wow, this is very sad news to read after such a long absense. RIP @TGW :dove:


I am really happy to hear this.

And yes, I still miss TGW. The forum is really missing something without him…

Happy Thanksgiving!


@Sarah2 , @eagle1 and I and the rest would be happy to have you whenever you feel like a visit! :slight_smile: Am sure you would fit right in!


@Sarah2 , just like Sleepyhead said , whenever you feel like visiting , you are more than welcome to. TGW would have been happy to have you aboard. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving


Thank you. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


Thank you @eagle1 ! :heart:


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