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Hi Everyone.

I have been playing the game for a few months now and really dig it. This morning when farming atlantis rises and attacking a Titan for my Alliance I got slightly ( and I mean slightly ) annoyed at the fact that after attacking the Titan I needed to navigate back to season 2 to continue farming there because the titan spawned in season 1. Then once I navigated back to S2 I saw the huge whirlpool in the middle of the atlantis map and it got me thinking. Why aren’t there Atlantis themed Titans during atlantis rises that spawn in that whirlpool? It makes perfect sense.

In short the idea is that during events such as atlantis or even during seasonal events or other events like guardians of Teltoc we get different new titans that have a chance of granting event specific rewards.

These could be new heroes or they could just be titan versions of existing seasonal events Heroes. Rewards could include atlantis coins in stead of summon tokens or if they are implemented event specific tokens.

The main reasoning here is just to get a bit more variation in the Titans we see. In EP terms I have just started and allready to me the titans are feeling like a chore due to the fact that they are quite repetitive. Even the rare titans I have seen were duds, both times not only being rare but also going a level beyond what our allaince can muster ( so just unable to kill them really … ). I think a change of pace every now and again would be nice. Different titans, different rewards, more emersive.

On a side note I think that some themed tournaments and wars would be cool. For example a tournament during atlantis rises where the family bonus is doubled so that using those heroes is encouraged ( I feel like the family bonuses aren’t good enough to really tailor teams around right now ) or wars where instead of Field Aid you get atlantis rises as a bonus where the defending team’s atlantis heroes gain 10% mana when it triggers.

In general I feel that the events are underwhelming and using them for stuff as mentioned above with specific tournaments, rewards, titans etc could really change things up and make the game less samey.

Thanks for your consideration



Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

This is a great idea! :+1:

Keep the posts coming if they are going to be this good!

New titans would be nice, fighting the Gorgan Queen for the 100th time ugh…

How about switching it up with something new. Maybe using Úrsula, you already have her at the end of season 2 .

Like the idea!
And a stronger titan that could be fought by the 2 alliances matched at war!
I was thinking about 1 global titan but that wouldnt work but having 2 oponents fighting a War and then they have to unite to defeat an common enemy


One issue here is that not everyone fighting titans has S2 open to them yet. I know you can get to the titan through the alliance screen, which is what I do most of the time, but it would still be an inconsistency.

I do like the idea of facing different titans during AR, challenges, seasonal events, etc.

Yes some variation in the Titan graphics would be nice.

I would prefer it if ALL titans (1* to 12*+) were all randomly drawn from the same graphic pool (just scale up the lower * titans so that they are bigger on the screen depending on how many stars they are).

Alliances stay in the same range of 3 star ratings for a long time, I believe 8-10 is the most common, so seeing the same few in that range over and over again is boring. More variety please!

Special event and seasonal titans would be great! There should totally be different pools of titans depending on which map it is coming from too.

Love this idea tbh would be cool

Yes variety of titans should be developed for S2 in AR

Fight a giant Santa on Christmas! What could be better?

Fighting a Grinch Titan would be better. I want Santa to be at full strength on Christmas Eve!


Welcome to the forums @Impiousbe!! Glad to have you here!

That’s actually a great idea!! We could have Levithans on the season 2 map, or whatever. But it’s an excellent idea. Also if SG thinks it may make it too easy to get ascension materials with 2 “titans” (:joy:) they could make the season 2 one give out gems or recruits etc.
Hope to see you around more. Happy Farming!!

Welcome to the forum, love the idea!

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