Seasonal Summon

So far my seasonal summons have been terrible! Out of 7 pulls I’ve only received 3* duplicates of heroes I already have - it’s getting painful. Has anyone had better luck? I mean it literally makes me not want to bother playing, I save up gems, I use them, I get nothing worth having.

It took me about 40-45 pulls to get Buddy, but on my second ten pull I got Mother North.

The odds for seasonal are some of the lowest in the game. If you don’t find much luck there, I’d save your gems for Atlantis pulls, where the odds are better and you’re working toward an ascension chest. The seasonal heroes are really good this time around, but the odds don’t make it worth it if you’re F2P or C2P, since the chances of pulling them are very, very low.


Wow, that’s a lot of pulls! I didn’t realise the odds were lower, I really wish I’d waited for Atlantis now. Congrats on Mother North, she is gonna be very hard to beat!

Yeah, unfortunately this game either requires you to do 1. A lot of pulls or 2. Be very, very lucky.

I’m sorry that’s not what you probably wanted to hear, but hopefully you at least have some Atlantis coins saved for Atlantis. The odds there for a 5* are over 2%. 1.3% for featured heroes, 1.2% for season 1, and .02% for season 2, plus 1.3% for bonus HOTM (if I’m remembering that correctly).

If you’re ever curious about the odds, go to the summons gate you’re considering making a pull from, and click on the little ‘i’ in the top left corner. It will list the odds for all groups of heroes, and then you can make an informed decision then. Good luck! & Feel free to ask anymore questions you may have :blush:

By the way, if you ever do regular pulls, elemental has the best odds for standard season 1 heroes. If you ever need a hero in a specific color, that is usually your best option. However, those heroes are all also available through TC20, so that’s usually the better investment in the long-run (that is, if you’re patient enough to wait til then :wink:)

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I think what she’s trying to say is you better start making offerings to RNGesus if u want good heros lol.

I’ve heard an arm and a leg can go a long ways


Yeah I’m waiting for TC20, TC13 just pulls the same heroes. I’d just like to get some variation, or a 5*. Thanks for the info on %'s in summons, I had no idea they were set differently, seems like a dumb thing to do. Surely people just get bored of spending real money on summons, it doesn’t get you anywhere, seems like a design flaw to me. The percentages are set way too low in my opinion.

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