Seasonal Quest Button

So, I’ve completed the Lunar New Year quest with two weeks to go… no biggie… lots of people have. What would make a whole lot of sense is to remove the button for the quest on the Quest map. There’s literally no reason to keep it there after you complete the stages. We get a nice “completed” label. But how about just removing it to clear up the space?

Space for what? It’s not like they will replace it with a new quest. I would rather they cleared up the main screen so I didn’t have to dodge around ads to collect my ham. Or recycle the same popups when I return to my base from the map/raid/titan. That is far more of an issue to me than expired quest buttons.


It would make sense. There’s already been two issues with completed quests hanging around on the menu, the first was when a new quest appeared but couldn’t be played because its logo appeared behind the completed quest, and the second issue was the whole “replay seasonal event to farm 4* mats” debacle that saw people banned. Can’t replay an event and get banned if the event itself disappears when completed.