Seasonal pull token.. What happens if you don't use

Hi, I just used a seasonal token and pulled Rana on a single pull ( unbelievable for me) , now that I got her, I was wondering what happens if I don’t use the other seasonal token, any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance

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There’s no “seasonal token”, it’s actually “epic hero token” which works in epic summon.
The epic summon is replaced by seasonal summon until the event ends, then it switches back to the normal epic summon.
And nothing happens if you don’t use your tokens. They’re just sit in your inventory. You can use them any time you want, for example you can wait for the Halloween event or the Christmas event if you want to.


Hi, ok I was just wondering because I never got who I wanted on a single pull, , thanks

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Yeah the odds are very low but sometimes you’re lucky. Congrats for your pull :slight_smile:


Thank you, believe me I was shockedl!!, didn’t expect it especially since I tried to get Atomos during the Atlantis gate, but I guess she makes up for it :clap:

I don’t recommend trying for Atomos. He seems to be good but actually isn’t. Slow mana, dispellable ability and little damage makes him very mediocre hero. See this thread for 95 posts with complaints about Atomos…

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Hi, and thanks, I read the thread about Atomos, didn’t realize so many had complaints about him, he seemed to be very good when I fought him in the province, kept beating me (of course I was fighting against the system) until I finally beat him, but at the time he seemed to be worth having, thanks again !!

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