Seasonal events : too hard to get all rewards for everyone

hi all

it would be great if events could be completed by everyone. not only by those who already get big teams and big TP.

how many % of us get more than 4000 or 4000 TP?

the good item in this quest type will stay for always the same, not the plebe

energy cost is not a problem, we got the time to complete all the stages.

but everyone isn’t able to crush the last levels, and somegood items are in…!

AM are not legion, please let us drop some of them with pleasure.

like the rare quests…

i’m not talking about pirates, teltoc, etc…but the other events like Sand Empire.


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To use team power as difficulty level isn’t accurate:

  1. team power doesn’t take into account how heroes synergize with eachother
  2. you can use items to make easier your fights
  3. you can gain mana before the boss stage and start it with some advantages

If someone really want to complete the seasonal event he should have items to use for it if he isn’t sure of clearing all the stages with heroes only :slight_smile:

Exactly what @FraVit93 said
Usually something like 3300 tp team is sufficient to get you through the seasonal event if you have items. Last stage might require you to buy a continue with gems but that’s a cheap price for a tabard.


i know using item is a great support but : if you get only 4*. i think it will be a little difficult.

you can use tornadoes, time stoper, HP po, Mana po, don’t sure you’ll success.

If you have the rigth 4* maxed you can absolutely complete the event with 4* only team.


Where tornadoes, time stops and potions fails (their help is proportional to your heroes) you can go with damaging items as arrows, axes, bombs and dragon attacks :ok_hand:

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Also don’t forget antidotes, those are a must for halloween.


yes, thanxs for your advice, antidote is always a great item.

maybe i’m wrong, at least it open conversation, and allows to share some tips.

Carpet bombing is your friend. You’ll usually find one lvl along the way and the final lvl to appear as showstoppers. Approach those with 5 arrows, axes, bombs and dragonattacks, and mop up what remains. Okay it’s a bit expensive in terms of consumables. But you can save up for these rewards, and there’s something intensely gratifying about carpet bombing.


I barely managed to get the first ascension item during the sand event (the orb); I couldn’t even try for the darts. My main goal since then has been to get my team and forges up high enough so I can beat the next seasonal event. The difficulty of the events gave me a goal without being totally unreasonable and I’d be rather disappointed if it changed before i got a chance to see if I’ve completed my mission.

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Uh No…20 characters

actually, seasonal events have 2 difficulties - so you should be able to finish at least one of them, and part of the harder level.

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With right 4* heroes those stages should be doable. I have over 4000 teampower team and I love those event just, because at least there are some challenge. If all stages were just as easy than regular ones, this game would be very boring. :wink:

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i finished the sand event and my TP was lower than 3400 at the time, it’s doable you might have to use items but it’s not impossible

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I have beater seasonal event, said i need 3800 tp with a 3200tp team.

Use wu kong
Use items
Have luck

You are golden

Unfortunately I dont have Wu Kong and I am not well known for my luck. :smile:

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dragon attacks, bombs, axes and mana pots work well if you’re not particularly lucky