Seasonal Event Updates Required

The topic says it all. Please update the seasonal events.

Seasonal heroes should have their drop rate increases to be the same as the monthly events.

There should be more seasonal heroes. Basically add a few more 3,4, and 5 star heroes to each seasonal event.

Add a family bonus to seasonal heroes.

They have been working to revamp the regular events and we’ve gotten more heros in those, I’m sure the seasonal events will happen eventually.

EDIT: I do like the idea of seasonal family bonuses

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Note if you check the 2020 sneak peak you’ll see that they are working on an update/ overhaul of all the seasonal events this year :slight_smile:


In light of the fact that Seasonal Events are being revamped this year, and the first of them should be in Beta in early March, I’m going to close this as “implementation in progress.”

Keep an eye out for the Beta Beat thread covering the Springvale Seasonal Event revamp, so you can contribute to the discussion there.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: