Seasonal event special rules

Why is it that the summer seasonal event has no special rules?
The other 3 do as described in this thread 🌿 Memento seasonal event
so why isnt there anything for the summer event? I found it a bit boring and a special set of extra rules would have made it much more interesting and fun.
Also it would be great if each time a seasonal even occurs they add at least one new hero to it. They have started to add new heroes to the Challenge Events as mentioned here 🧪 Is There Early Information on the new Challenge Event Heroes for Pirates of Corellia, Fables of Grimforest, Guardians of Teltoc, Knights of Avalon, and Wonderland? [Part of The Beta Beat v23]
is there any plans to add to the seasonal events before the next one?
When adding new heroes it would be great if they added new 3* and 4* instead of just 5*



Because the Devs are not cruel.

3* / 4*

While this deserves a separate post, more 3* heroes like Melia, Hisan, Rudolph would be awesome.


wow @Graknork, you set off @Gryphonknight.
Careful, he may just set Gryphonkit on you… :grin:


Ah if they can combine frozen tiles with a boss that resurrects her allies 50% of the time for Xmas there is still plenty of scope to annoy some players against the heal blockers.

Had I been a Dev I personally would have gone with every 4 turns a breeze covers 2-5 tiles with sand so you can’t see what they were (tiles already covered in sand would be cleared of sand) with the challenge being to remember what tiles are under the sand and carefully observe replacement tiles in case they slide under where the sand obstruction is.

Depending on how cruel you want to get there could be some small consequence to incorrectly make a match (or number of incorrect attempts) with a sand covered tile to be less of trial and error guessing.

Having read that though I’m sure most are thankful I’m not a dev here…

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Not wrong

You are not wrong.


Frozen tiles are from Dec '17 when you fought Yetis in mittens.

Mother f%#$&@¿ North was added in Dec '18. Rumors from Beta says she used to have July 2019 HotM’s cloning minions. But was nerfed 3 times in Beta to make the Winter seasonal less rage quitty.


Rumor from Beta says Several similar things, like non dispellable blindness, were suggested in Beta. But Beta testers tend to have way too many 5* 4.80 heroes compared to normal players.

Luckily the Devs did not have enough development cycles to program, and test, any of those ideas.


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