Seasonal Event: Frosted Shields Not Making Diamonds or Dragon Heads

Not sure if this is by design, but the logic seems a little off with the frosted shields.

When a frosted shield is in a match used to make a diamond/dragon - but not the gem used for the actual match - a diamond/dragon is created on the board.

When a frosted shield is the actual gem moved to make a diamond/dragon tile, no diamond/dragon is created on the board.

I know the rules say a frosted shield cannot be used in an attack, but the creation of a diamond/dragon tile is not an attack. It seems logical that the creation of a diamond/dragon tile should be consistent regardless of the gem used to make the match.

Creating a dragon tile using a non-frosted shield as the matching tile (Includes frosted shields in the match):

Result - a dragon tile is created:

Doing a 4-match using a frosted shield as the matching tile:

Result - No dragon tile is created:

I noticed that too - no dragons/diamonds after moving “frosted” tiles.

It’s going to make the upper levels of hard crazy. With Mother North rezing everything in sight and half the number of 4/5 matches? Oh man…

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I think it is by design!
Basically you can say that all status of the shield is frozen while it is in ice. Because to send a frozen shield to the enemy you need to first crush the ice and then match it again. So I guess it’s the same for making a diamond or dragons head, FIRST you need to break the ice, then the shield can change status.

I thought of that, but it’s still not completely logical as you can make a diamond/dragon tile with frozen shield tiles in the group - just not if it’s the one being moved. With the logic of a tiles status being frozen while under Ice, the status should be frozen no matter the position of the tile.

Just seems odd to me that the creation of a special tile is based on the status of a single tile. Specifically as the creation of the special tile is not part of an attack. The attack comes after the tile has been removed from the ice.

It is by design. This was commented on in beta too. It’s behaving as desired.


My alliance noticed same but it’s hit and miss sometimes it will make them sometimes not it’s so random

@littleKAF Thank-you! As long as it’s by design then we’re good :wink:

Sometimes power shards and bombs don’t form when they should during Xmas event. I noticed it last year too. I have provided a video as proof:

If you use an ice block as the one you “move” it doesn’t form. If you use a normal one to move it even if the other ones are ice blocks the dragon and diamond will form.


I have noticed the same thing. Is this a bug or is it supposed to work this way?

I can’t think of a logical reason why the result would be different depending on whether or not it was the ice block that was the moved block.

When there is an ice block in the match, it should either always create a diamond/dragon or never create a dragon/diamond. I don’t understand why the outcome would be dependent on how the ice block participated in the match.

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I asked the same thing here in this thread:

According to a response from a beta tester, this was discussed with SG and determined this was as designed.


Way to pee in my pool @DMP :smile:

Is there anyone who would be able to comment on why this distinction was made by design?

It does not seem like there is any logical basis for it

The idea is, that the dragon/crystal tile replaces the tile that was moved to make the match (or a random tile if it happens during a combo).
Now, if the tile that was supposed to be replaces is frozen, that tile does not go away. Thus, the dragon/crystal tile cannot take it’s spot and is not formed because of that. This is the logic I see in all of this


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