Seasonal event avatars should indicate number of times they have been collected

I am going thru the Christmas seasonal event and I want the new avatars I win to indicate that this is the second time around. This way I know if someone is Santa that they won it this year, not last.

+1 :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Habitica does this with theirs repeat quest rewards.

Didn’t the 2018 Christmas event give an additional trainer hero for those who already had the avatar?

Either a compensation (like a second trainer hero) or the suggestion with the number of times an avatar was won would be great

You would think they would have progressive avatars as markers for each time a quest has been completed similar to the raid mission avatars…

As far as design, wouldn’t be hard to add xmas themes to non seasonal heroes(a xmas decked out elena or richard instead of santa for example)

With 100+ heroes in the game, plenty of options that would outlast the life of the game