Seasonal backgrounds and pins, pretty please? – candy cane pin, North Pole background, Santa hat pin, snowy winter land background, mistletoe pin etc

I must be doing okay if this is the only thing I have to gripe about! :joy:

This is a good idea and probably will come along.

Would be cool if it was in the freebies…


Love this idea! I would like a candy cane pin and North Pole background.

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Sartana wants a new halberd, but I want cute little candy cane and Santa hat pins, and snowy winter wonderland backgrounds to dress up my Sartana avatar.

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I agree. I like the idea of candy cane pins and Holiday backgrounds. Halloween is covered. Why not the other holidays?

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I really want this! I was just complaining that the avatars you win in the christmas event are the same as last year - I want something new! pins and backgrounds would be awesome!
Same for Halloween - little pumpkins and bats!!


Agreed! It would make them money for sure!

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I cant believe they havent implemented this yet.
Everyone is clamoring for new avis, pins and backgrounds.


Agreed…just losing out on sales they could’ve made. Today’s featured background to purchase is the graveyard…makes no sense whatsoever…

How about a mistletoe pin for purchase ?

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