Season two - colonial propaganda?


Ok, ok… I’m being a bit provocative

And I’m enjoying lots of Atlantis

But once again, the ‘story’ is wafer thin. It seems that after the mind-meltingly generic Dark Lord debacle we have been handed another lazy trope - ‘civilised’ people travel to an exotic land, declare everything a ‘monster’, kill the wildlife, pillage the natural resources and declare themselves heroes!

Horray for you, Richard and Elena… Back home for tea and medals having no doubt spread small-pox to the natives, corrupted them with ‘blessed brew’ and taken the most able back to be educated in your freezing mountain castle!

SG, you have talented story-tellers in the forum (@Drumnadrochit is currently the latest in that tradition) , if narrative isn’t your strong point, how about a player competition to commission the next one?

Are we the baddies?

I second the motion - fantastic idea! SG - are you listening? @Petri - this is a splendid idea. please take this up with the rest of staff… the SG story lines are really very lame.


I disagree with the premise behind most of the post, but I agree that the story telling is indeed thin. I also agree that there are some great story tellers present in this forum that would be great to draw from for the future :slight_smile:


I guess playing this game for narrative content is like watching a porn movie for the plot.


I just hope the washing machine gets fixed eventually…plumber call-out fees are astronomical!


I’ve definitely over-egged the pudding a smidgen with a bit of-tongue-in-cheek shock, but glad you like the basic idea :slight_smile:


If you say so…

Of course no one plays for the story line. But since there is a story line, there is no reason why it shouldn‘t be better. Especially since there are plenty of people already creating better story content.


I’m not really expecting huge things from the Season 2 story given how Season 1 went. On the other hand, there is at least a bit of character development with Misandra and Tarlak in Province 3, foreshadowing for a potential backstabbing in Province 2, and there’s still 21 provinces left to develop the story. Who knows, maybe the story will be good this time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Kinda like reading Playboy for the articles, huh @Elpis :wink:


Playboy is art!

But i guess this is not place and time to discuss it :grin:


Maybe a bit off topic (I’m considering more the game mechanics, rather than the story-telling): a way to create a real plot would be introducing choice making landmarks that change the overall development of the story (e.g. do you want to party with Misandra or Tarlak?). It could even change what you get in the end, but I’m pretty sure that if the reward can be game changing everyone will choose one path over the other just for the loot, so this would require a bit of reasoning.

For sure a bit too late for season 2, but maybe just in time for season 3


Yeah, the narrative of the game is pretty thin. I mean, it’s possible to come up with an internally coherent narrative that makes some sense of this game (which is what I’m trying to do - thanks for the shout-out, @JonahTheBard). I’m just not sure that anyone at SG has bothered to do it.

It’s not even that hard. I just found myself musing on a question one day: What kind of person would risk their life hunting an enormous monster? Answering that led to other questions: How does combat with a titan work, exactly? How does mana work? How do titans themselves work - what makes them go rampaging across the landscape? Why do titans exist in the first place?

It’s not hard to come up with some halfway reasonable answers to those questions. All it takes is a bit of imagination.

And I’m clearly not the only one to think this way. @JonahTheBard has done some cool work sketching out some background for the season 1 provinces, for example, and there’s some other stuff I haven’t had time to look at yet. There’s a lot of creative people who play this game and clearly want a bit more out of it. This game has the bare bones of a narrative and a background mythology, but SG could put a bit more effort into putting some meat on those bones.

So, SG, if it’s something you’d like some help with, let’s talk.


I am done with the first province in S2 and I am getting some Pirates of the Caribbean mashed with Atlantis and characters from folk lore of other cultures (the names for the Sakura family heroes being the most obvious). Please also tell me that I am not the only one that thought Tarlak has the looks and feels of a slimmer and fitter Maui from Moana.

Finally, can we have someone else besides Richard and Elena (or Vivica in some instances) tell the story? Feel like they are wasting the potential of character development for other characters.


What can I say except ‘you’re welcome’ :joy:


SG is prepping to enter the Asian market - hence the new style of heros.


No joke this very morning I was considering writing a season 2 narrative and labeling it “the story we should have had”

There is a lot we could do to craft a better story for sure. But what would really make the RPG part of this game hum is having some gameplay tie-in…

Anyway. Might have to put my writing goggles on today and see what sorta tale I can weave :slight_smile:


Darn Snowflakes, complain about everything.


I do wish the previous HOTM each month would be included into the story line somehow. I know they’ll feature the new Season 2 heroes for the stage 10s, but maybe the stage 9s could have the merry band run up against Hel and the gang.


I was thinking the same thing when I was playing Season 2 this weekend. I’m not really sure why our heroes are in a new and really gorgeous land* killing everything in sight based on such a flimsy premise.

Now the whole point of the game is to run from section to section killing things and now each other with the wars, but the storyline is so incredibly weak. Definitely pull from the strong story-tellers in the community. You’ll get people who love the game too.


*Great work on the visuals. The first thing I noticed was how gorgeous everything is.


In Season 3, we will face an enemy that is as good-looking and civilized as we are but doesn’t speak English… by then we would have already had hero allies we had originally perceived as monsters… lol