SEASON THREE! Let's get it right!

I really like a lot of the improvements in s.2- two levels, coins, rebalances, tokens, better war matchmaking. Actually a lot of good work. Well done Devs.


The homogeneous mash-up of Moana meets Great Wall has inspired neither adventure or trepidation. If I wanted to kill rodents and small birds, I’d buy a cat (no offense @Brobb or @rook)

So, can before Small Giant get into pre-production of S.3 and set it in Care-a-lot, can we beat them to the punch with some kick-@$$ settings.

As polls are all the rage, here’s some suggestions:

  • A desolate version of S.1 - the heroes return to find Correllia corrupted by a resurgent Dark Lord and fight back from province 23 to the Stronghold
  • An subterranean empire of dwarves, mole people and mutants. The labyrinth style map provides different routes
  • A sprawling medieval metropolis - a mighty city full of brigands, taverns and intrigue
  • Space - if our heroes can fight underwater, why not in a total vacuum?
  • A realm of Chaos inside the Summon Gate- churning magical energies make any sense of time and reality obsolete. And hasn’t E&P already had that effect on us?

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Judging from this promotional image from the images in the Google Play Store I’m gonna guess that Season 3 is going to feature the Djinn/Genie and Hades-like heroes at the top here.

Can’t imagine any other Seasonal or Challenge events these two could be added to and they look like Fire and Ice types to me and we’ve just had Frida so yes perhaps could be HOTMs for 5-6 months from now or Season 3 may be planned for before then.



that artwork predates season 1


Whilst I wasn’t aware of that and now a little more disappointed that Season 3 may be further away than anticipated I’m still going go with something related to those two for Season 3.

The artwork for them both is still likely to be on file somewhere and given Aegir and Khionna’s artwork both came from pre-existing monster artwork in existing levels/quests I wouldn’t bet against pre-existing unused hero designs being pulled out and used for it, two less hero designs to actually come up with for a start.

I want to see way from “Hobbit” in S3. Goblin’s undergrounds, rotten forest, water city and finally - Dragon in single mountain.
And orcs in fight, I mean when you won single fight you have 10%-90% for orcs attack.


I think I’m in a minority, but I rather like the Pacifica aesthetic of season 2. The ‘story’, such as it is, is worthless, but any ‘story’ associated with E&P has always been worthless. If you came for the subtle plot contrivances, you never stayed past province 3 of season 1.

All this aside, I love the idea of season 3 offering something a bit less linear. A labyrinth with different routes? Some routes that are relatively easy for some heroes and others that are relatively easy for different heroes, so that players can feel like the game is rigged against them? Some routes that offer fabulous rewards and others that offer scant rewards, so that players can continue to feel like the game is rigged against them? The potential for endless, acrimonious debate on the forum about the best way to go?

Count me IN!

(To be clear: I’m not joking.)


I don’t mind it in moderation, but the S1 map had forest, plains, glaciers, graveyards, mountains etc

I feel like S2 could have used some more variety


Fair point. Variety is good.

Its just about money SG is just looking for profit nothing else

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Let’s hope so. Once they stop caring about making money, they’ll lose all their incentive to keep us entertained.


If you make milions than at least you can make good design


Unpopular opinion:
I voted ‘desolate version of S1’. I think there’s hope for SG to give much needed lore, backstory and personality to the existing Heroes, at least the Regular ones, and going to a grimdark version of the original map to fix everything would be a good occasion.
Also, corrupted versions of existing Heroes as bosses could lead to intriguing designs and encounters: what if some Heroes succumbed to the Dark Lord’s cruel rule? This could also give Dark Heroes (e.g. the skeletons, the vampires, Renfeld, Tibs) reasons to join our camp as well.


Now you’re speaking my language :grin:

After the parrots and medusas of Season 2, I would really embrace some darker themes, even darker than Season 1. Skulls, demons and hellfire.


I love the idea of a desolate S1, but I also like the idea of it happening while Richard, Elena, and Vivica are stuck in Atlantis since we saw them get there in Province 14(? I don’t remember it’s been so long). I think it would be neat if some key 4* were in charge while these three galavanted around the beach (Sonya, Rigard, and Chao maybe), and they guide us through the desolate countryside.

Another idea could be a Celestial Theme. We’ve had Land and Water, now why not Sky? Maybe Zeus sees us help Poseidon and decides to contract our help in the heavens because Hades has taken over. With the Greek Myth HotM already well established in gameplay, they could be some of the bosses and we have to fight Cerebus and the 3 fates (as one hero??) as well as gorgons and flaming demons.

I don’t know that I like the way there was an Atlantis hero summon, and if there should be one for S3. I mean, we didn’t get to pull S1 bosses (where is my Dark Lord?!) I would like S3 to be more about the map and gameplay like S1 and less about collecting heroes that I don’t have the materials to level anyway :laughing:


That’s a nice idea.

Or maybe a holy and dark theme


I think season 2 is kinda fun. But SG, please invest into your storytelling! With a little effort it could be so much more fun.


I want something to happen with the gigantic owls that Vivica is keeping. WHAT COULD GO WRONG, indeed?


Nice ideas, i love creativity , i’ve an idea about S3 , it is about Celestial Arena , Open every month for a week only , at the Start we meet Hammidale to know wht’s the requirments to pass the portal Gate to fight the Gods & Mightys, Every month whn the Portal open we face:

( Roman Mightys / Babelian Gods / japanes Demons / chines zodiac Mightys ) it will have more varity and look forward who is next .


The owls are not what they seem…


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