Season Story 2

Will there ever be another season story. I’ve finished the first one months ago and its getting uninteresting. And if so when???

It’s being worked on, but seems to be taking a backseat to alliance wars so far.

I rather have a Season 2 instead of alliance war.


You’ll have both, shortly. :slight_smile:


Oh dayum, cat’s outta the bag now!

Being July 2018 does shortly mean by Dec 31, by Fall or perhaps in August? Getting some folks who are coming up on a year and would like to see some further details to keep good players around. Thank you!

According to a recent statement in game chat, Season 2 should be here sometime in September.



Is there a newer statement after the “september-ish” one? Because I’m still skeptical about it :smiley: let’a not get our hopes up too much.

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