Season One Completion

First, let me say that I very much enjoy playing this game, save a few things already mentioned.

My issue/complaint/obsrrvation/suggestion is to do something about the EXTREMELY disappointing end of Season One!!! 23-11 is a very difficult level to complete and the reward for beating it is/was a huge let down. No ascension items, no tokens (even a useless daily), and only a few gems.

There should be SOMETHING to make usnfeel. Like we accomplished something, because we did. At the least it should be several Epic Hero Tokens, or 300 gems, or I don’t know, how about a 5* hero that is virtually impossie to get, or even the Hero of the Month.

Many people spend a lot of time and money on this game, and it would be nice to earn a reward worthy of that time and cost.

  1. I sort of agree. The end of season 1 came without any sort of fanfare or reward. It was a real anticlimax.

  2. However, you must have known this was coming if you had any contact whatsoever with mid-game players. (Maybe you did have and they didn’t warn you what to expect, as a hilarious practical joke?)

  3. Unless you haven’t had any contact with other, more experienced players. In which case: join an alliance! Or visit this forum more often. We’d have happily told you not to get too excited.

I only completed it because the unfinished mission banner was annoying. Now there’s an annoying completion banner there instead. :roll_eyes:
I do suspect finishing the first season might become a prerequisite for season 2 whenever it comes out, but that’s only personal speculation.


Yup. Finishing season 1 is an absolute letdown.

I got sucked into it because it was all the rage in our alliance some time ago.

What a complete waste of energy, time and effort.

Well, my mom was right when she used to say: “If the other kids jump off a cliff, will you jump off a cliff too?”

Lesson learned :slight_smile:
Once and for all. I now do what is beneficial to ME, and never mind what other people do.

E.g. I only did the Easter Challenge in the higher difficulty until I had grabbed the items that I wanted. No use bothering for a profile picture reward.

Live and learn.


Fortunately I did have friends warn me, as I am in an alliance. I knew it was coming, hence I was not as upset as I would have been had I not been forewarned. And like you, I finished it anyway as more of accomplishment on my part.
My post was more of a venting and an expression of my disappointment, than an expectation that the developers care.
I do, however, hope that they see enough people’s disappointment and make a change for Season 2 if/when it ever comes back. It’s sad enough that over 80% of epic tokens result in 3* food, than truly receiving a hero that will help.


Yeah, this is why I’m taking my time with finishing 23…if it becomes a prerequisite for Season 2 I’ll finish it quicker, but for now it’s a solid MEH in terms of priorities.


Yeah the map is really the least of my worries.

Farming, leveling and raiding is what i have been doing. Every once in a while I might feel compelled to complete a stage on the map but it isn’t up there on my list.

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I was so irritated that I didn’t pay much attention, other than I got two 1* nothings, and less than 10 gems. The rest was so poor I honestly couldn’t tell you what they were. Warn all your friends and neighbors to not waste their time unless they are ocd and just feel compelled to do so.


I agree completely with the general sentiment that the end of season 1 is a complete anti-climax.

But one small good surprise (for me) that will continue to benefit down the line, it did add an additional 5% output to the watchtower. Since after province 22 the watchtower boost was at a nice even 100%, I expected that was the end of it, but finishing province 23 did bump it up to 105%.

Depending on the level of your watchtower this may or may not be too exciting, I know some people haven’t given it high priority leveling up… but I’ve found it to be a great producer of resources despite the possibility of being raided and losing half of what’s in there. With my tower maxed at level 20 and the 105% boost, it produces 14.3k food and 7.4k iron per hour, which is more than double what an individual level 20 farm or mine produces. And it has nice storage also, 184k food and 86k iron (of course the fuller you let it get, the more attractive of a raid target you become…).

Maybe… a way to make completion of season 1 more rewarding is to make the watchtower production boost something much more significant, say another 25% or more instead of 5%… or dare I say 50% even? That would make it a lot more worthwhile in my opinion. Either way I feel good I’ve completed it, it’s an item crossed off the list and I feel ready for season 2 now, whenever it will arrive… :slight_smile:

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Thanks ChoppedLiver, I was not aware of that, and not sure that it is even posted anywhere. I will def let those in my alliance know as well.

I agree I’m considering uninstalling my profiles as I can’t get any gloves and need about 5-6 pair for both profiles I think I’ll leave it a bit but if I can’t get any soon it means I have virtually no chance off finishing this season with the unassended hero’s I have… But I am already bored of waiting for them

Yup! Agreed! I worked so hard to finish the first time and got… nothing to remember. Finishing season 1 is a watershed moment in the game. There should be a one time reward for finishing. It could be as big as a guaranteed 5* hero, or as small as a unique avatar. But it should be something.

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I’m at 23 5 so almost finished I’ve been waiting for a big gift now I’m disappointed hopefully they will change it

Well, till now they haven’t changed anything and I doubt they will anytime soon. It’s better to finish it and move on to Season 2. The rewards for finishing that is truly awesome. Lots of ascension materials. Also, you get to finish it twice. Once in normal mode and then once in hard mode. :slight_smile:

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I literally just finished season 1 before searching for discussion on it just now…I’m TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED! I’ve gotten better loot in less hard boards what a dub!

I hope season 2 is not this bummed, I’m on province 21 now and feeling like why bother :pensive:

You get loot for completing the seasons but you have to collect it in the Mission section. Click the mission icon and you will see your reward and it does include EHT for summons. For season 2 on normal you get 300 coins for 3 pulls in Atlantis plus other stuff and on hard you get 500 coins which is 5 Atlantis summons plus 2 troop tokens and you also get 1 of every 4* mat in the game.


That’s refreshing to hear because they could have skipped season one altogether lol

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