Season IV - "Voyagers of the Underwild" Out Now! ⛏

Season IV Has Started - Welcome to the Underwild!


  • All-new Season IV Map

    • Explore the Underwild and face new challenges!
    • New Provinces for Season IV unlock monthly. The first provinces open on March 25th
    • Accessing the new story map requires the player to have reached Province 15 of Story Season III
    • Season IV stages can be completed on two different difficulty levels
    • All Season IV stages feature Underwild Gems; these are special tiles that damage your heroes until they are matched
    • All Season IV stages have new stage properties in effect
  • New Item: Underwild Coins

    • The first completion of a Season IV stage, on both difficulties, awards the player with Underwild Coins
    • Underwild Coins can be used for free summons in the new Underwild Summon
  • New Underwild Summon

    • New monthly Summon with new Season IV heroes
    • Underwild Summon includes a Bonus Ascension Item Chest that is awarded for every 10 summons
    • New Underwild Summon Portal with the following new heroes added to the mix:
      • Legendary Heroes: Phileas Fogg, Dr. Moreau, Prof. Lidenbrock, Elizabeth, Lepiota, Akkorog
      • Epic Heroes: Tettukh, Mack, Zila Lei, Rokkamush, Griffin
      • Rare Heroes: Poppy, Gramps, Morris, Helo, Vollermork
      • And many more to come…
    • All heroes have a new Family Bonus!
  • New Missions for Season IV


  • First Season IV Event: 2021-03-25T07:00:00Z β†’ 2021-03-29T07:00:00Z
  • The Event will recoccur monthly as new Provinces & Heroes unlock!

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