Season IV - Emerald Centipede

I already commented this issue while testing Season IV in beta.
Please rename Emerald Centipede, the Season IV boss.
We already have emerald centipede in Season II.
The Season IV boss looks different so it shall have a different name.




Maybe it is the same specimen, just looking different because it lives deep underground?

You know, this is a white dog:


And this also is a white dog:

white dog


I mean, yeah, looks like an oversight.


@Pois1 , Add to the list?
Already such oversights but will go unnoticed or ignored even if known.

There is already a 1* troop and 3* troop with the exact same name, albeit slightly different look (reanimated warriors).

This one is even more oblivious because it happens in the same time. There is already wonderland mob enemies called Shrubbears (no eyeballs), then there is the hero/boss version (with eyeballs) called Shrubbear! Maybe we should call this one ShrubBEAR for its super imposed stature?

Probably a few more, but these are two i have noticed over the years, brought up and, you know it, got largely ignored.

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Yeah I got ignored too after mentioning that in beta. I would really appreciate if SG pays attention to those things. I did not even know about the Shrubbears!
Maybe because I do not include Special Event monsters in my atlas. Good catch!
I knew about the troops though.

Too bad.

What about the Rhino?

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