Season Heroes, season bonuses

If season 5 Heroes get to enjoy a bonus whenever they are used in a map stage in season 5, then the game should be patched to give season 2 heroes a bonus whenever they are used in season 2 and season 3 Heroes when they are used in season 3 and so on and so on.

And on top of this, I still advocate that the season 2 heroes get buffed in that their family bonus grants them immunity to certain things.

Atlantis Heroes should be immune to drowning underwater and immune to water damage.

Lagoon Heroes should be immune to poison mist.

And those summer season Sand Empire Heroes should be immune to dust storms.

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Bump, because it’s still relevant.


Egyptian Heroes get a bonus when they are used in Egypt, AKA season 5.

So Norse Heroes should get a bonus when they are used in the Norse lands, AKA Season 3.

And the Atlantean Heroes should get a bonus when they are used in Atlantis which is also known as season 2.

I thought I read somewhere recently that this was going to be added…hmm. If I can find it I’ll link to it. Maybe someone else remembers, or can definitively tell me I only imagined/dreamed that :rofl:

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As of one vote per topic is not good enough. They have to limit votes.

Was going to create a separate but essentially the exact same thread about this, since they had brought it up in their updates back, where they tried to incentivize players into using the S5 heroes in S5 stages with a 20% stat bonus between stages. Idk how successful it was (since they also never gave us new 4* heroes to play with and make use of that bonus), but I thought they’d actually revisit the previous seasons (and especially do so BEFORE S2.2/S6 gets worked on) and give them the 20% or so bonus when used during their map stages.

They’re able to keep this going with the newer events, or at least Mighty Pets and Gargoyles, but they kinda dropped this or forgot they had brought it up as a possibility that can’t be that hard to implement. It’d make farming a little easier, even a little fun, to reuse Season-specific Heroes in teams.

Worked for me. I did get 2 green 5 star Egyptian goddesses.

But I now can’t use them because the last amulet only boosts 3 star and four star.

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I only have all five 3* heroes and 2 4* heroes. I don’t think the game will give me a 5* hero until a year AFTER the event concluded. Midway into this month is when I finally got a 5* S4 hero from all the anniversary gifts and the free day gift. Xnolphod!

If they were extra nice, I’m owed at least 2 from S5.

That guy definitely needs to get a quest or perhaps a seasonal sequel to his story; a reprieve or… A second chance or whatever the word is called.

He was a character with a purpose and he is still alive. Unlike Elizabeth who clearly died during season 4. Season 4 had one big letdown of an ending. The whole journey felt like an overall waste of time.

Season 1 was to liberate our homeland from the Dark Lord.

Season 2 was to liberate Atlantis from Ursula.

And season 3 was to prevent the Nidhogg from destroying the Norse lands.

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I agree because after dealing with the Eloi and Morlock, the adventure repeatedly goes “oh no, the pipes influenced them” at least 6 different times. Almost makes S4 feel like it coulda just been 20 provinces instead of 36. (Maybe even just 16.)

Xnolphod also brings up Ursena too, so it could be possible that areas of the Underwild connect with the Maelstorm Archipelago and Atlantis, with the Octopods.

Now challange heores have bonus and quest heroes also have bonus, so season 2 and 3 heroes also should get bonus in their arena

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Atlantis family, Lagoon family, and the Shakira family should get a bonus during Atlantis Rising.

On a side note, I think changing costumes for certain heroes should change their family. Friar Tuck would fit in the Underworld when in costume.

And I still think the classical family idea was a stupid idea.

The classical Heroes should have been adopted into the already existing families.