Season close and other ideas

First of all, a HUGE thank you to SG for always bringing in new ideas, innovation and improvements to the game which is indeed exciting and thrilling.

I am not sure if these ideas have been already proposed but I have started to play ‘Dragons - Titan uprising’ from Dreamworks and I see many beautiful concepts in this game which SG can benefit, and these are mainly:

  1. Close of a season. I always see players challenging to be at the top, yet there is actually no reward for being at the top. Thus, I believe that closing a season on a fortnight basis and giving the top ones rewards would further motivate players;
  2. There is a huge variety of heroes (or dragons on the other side) and they are actually easier to obtain than our current ones. There is also the concept of breeding which gives the opportunity to merge heroes and generate a new one.

I sincerely think that SG would benefit much from Dreamworks’ ideas. And foremost I like the speed of the attacks, which is indeed so exciting!

Thanks for having given me the opportunity to expose my ideas :slight_smile:

There kinda is this in the form of the monthly events. It is a system where the placement of all players (who participated) are rewarded.

There is also the weekly raid tournament which fulfills exactly the same thing on a more frequent basis.

This (in theory) is what the hero academy will do… Allow you to “merge” or “trade in” heroes for the chance of a different one… No defined details as to exactly HOW the hero academy will work/ look but there are many theories. Just search for Hero Academy to read more.

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what does “closing season” mean? Like the season 1 season 2 maps? Why? And how do you even determine who is “best” at those maps?

or are you talking about pvp? If it’s pvp, there’s already challenge events, AND raid tournaments basically work exactly like that.

I sincerely think that SG is doing a much better job than the team that does Dragons: Titan Uprising, which, btw, is not Dreamworks, but Ludia.
Really, a much better job. E&P has far less bugs, is not totally ‘pay to progress’ and will last much longer.

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Thanks for your comments.

Re: monthly reward; I refer to the global ranking of players… the top 10 could be rewarded in the same way as the occasional events top players are rewarded.

It is for sure. It’s only that there are some ideas/concepts in Dragons that l would like to see in E&P. I also agree for the bugs… I have never experienced a freeze during a battle in E&P… whereas I’ve experienced at least 3 with Dragons.

And yes, developed by Ludia, characters from Dreamworks.

Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

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