Season 5 Thoughts

Not anxious for that. A new bunch of overpowered heroes? No thanks.

Lastest heroes like Penolite are ultimate already. Don’t know what can be even more powerful than that. We will probably see a hit all on 400% damage, set fiends that provides -50% mana gen and -54% attack, with extra damage for some element with 1000 attack, 950 def and 1800 HP without emblems.

Hope it takes more 2 years for S5.


It will be here most likely in March.

If they did a Sneak Peak of next year and somehow already have thoughts on what S5 will be, then I’d be shocked they already had plans to do S5 as fast as they’ve done everything else this year. Not to mention, we have yet to know if the Gargoyles will be replacing Grimforest or Wonderland and then they have to introduce whichever is left for the fifth spot of replacing that color and maybe have them rotate with Challenge Festival being the sixth or intermediate event to break them up and signal the cycle coming back around.

Will also make me curious what the schedule will look like when it is introduced and the fate of Atlantis Rise in their efforts to either keep it going or retire it and have Valhalla Forever take its place.

Greek mythology. And when the Sparta province opens 300 new heroes will be released.

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I’d like a Dantes Inferno style season


Yes. This. However I feel like they will stay away fron religious themes which takes this off the table.

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Personally I think circles of hell would be a good idea. 7 deadly sins and all that, not to mention there’s enough source material for heroes of all calibers.

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Give us a world that encompasses some of the underrepresented areas. Have a collaboration of African, Native American, Asian, Middle Eastern… let us fight Chaka Zulu and Temecula, etc…

However, a sci-fi theme in space where you can have aliens with any look/powers you want, moving through the different planets (for example the heroes get sucked through a portal, end up in a foreign galaxy, and have to fight aliens and enemies to get back home, jumping from galaxy to galaxy).

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How about a season where there is no element advantage make the color grey a neutral color with no strength or weakness

If I had my pick, the Season 5 theme would be…

“See you in 2023”


“The New Roster Interface (and nothing else)”

I need a breather so bad and some time to at least try to enjoy\learn whats out now.

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