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They will come a time that such heroes won’t help you reach top 1%… it is already harder to reach top 1% as the goalpost got removed from top 15.500 to top 12.500 by the dwindling participants.

Not to mention that with new season 5 heroes coming, they will soon become obsolete. If they keep up with increasing power, probably 5* of S6 is really have the power of 6*.

I feel there is too much talk of heroes becoming obsolete.

Some of my best, most valuable, most used heroes are 4* S1 costumes. By the power creep argument these should be super obsolete but it is absolutely not the case. I use some S1 5* costumes too, and some HOTMs that are 1 to 2 years old. They are more than holding their own, too.
So far the only heroes that I would say probably can classify as obsolete when compared to the latest S3/S4/event heroes are classic S1 heroes… but given they are 3 seasons behind, that seems quite acceptable? What non S1 heroes (that were not rubbish from the start) would you now classify as obsolete when facing the latest defenses?

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Yeah, I guess but I’m not trying to reach top 1%. I just like to have teams that dominate if the boards fall right. This is still a primarily luck based game. I just like have cool units to build teams with. I’d spend more if it didn’t take so long to level them. That’s the thing that stops me from being a “gotta collect them all” sort and something I’ll never understand from SG’s perspective why they think this model is more lucrative. Again, they have the numbers so I don’t know.

As far as season 5, I don’t think Season 4 heroes have been that dominant, it’s the event heroes that have been overpowered. Meta is still made up of a lot of Odins, Friggs and Beras unless your website says differently now. So Season 5 heroes in 4 months or so isn’t much of a concern.

You forgot Salmon Loki.

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What about Inari, do you have a way to use her effectively in the current meta? She wasn’t considered as trash back then.

She is a 3 year old hero… so pretty much as old as the S1 vanillas? Based on that she might be a candidate for obsoleteness. however her special does seems quite similar to C Kad so perhaps she could be used in that capacity… I don’t have her and have never really been interested in studying her up so I can’t give you much more than that.

She is S2 though so not yet 3 seasons behind. The downside compared to C. Kadilen is she is slower, her minion only have half the hitpoints, she don’t deal damage. The upside is the minion generate small ammount of mana (if they can stay alive with that small HP).

Maybe there will be a new S5 5* heroes whose skill is direct upgrade from her skill as a final nail in the coffin. Wasn’t there a similar case with Delilah and a new 5* yellow… I can’t recall the name… too many heroes…

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Director Z. I only pulled Delilah a few months ago and she was an upgrade for me (my first 5* healer) so I am happily using her oblivious and uncaring of who might be better than her out there…

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Instead of buffing their old heroes, they chose to make brand new heroes that are direct buffs of those old heroes. Which is possibly the most insulting thing ever, to the playerbase and even to the old character (if they have souls)

It’s infuriating for me to see these heroes like…

Why does morel exist when Finley is the niche fast blue defence down hitter?

Why does zuri exist when Delilah is the OG healer/minion summoner?

Why does c justice exist when she is what guardian owl should have been in the first place

Why does c kadilen exist when she is what inari should have been in the first place

Why does Thoth, after all this time has not even gotten a simple buff?

Why do they choose to costume fan favourites like gravemaker, killhare first?

It’s Money…simple. Buffs don’t generate revenue, new heroes do.


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