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There’s no reason to kill a game if it has a lot of active players that bring money lol.

Judging from each tournament etc. there’s at least like 1,300,000 players that have access to and care enough to participate in weekly tournaments.

When we’re down to like 30,000 then we may need some doomcallers.

Although I am also of an opinion that the game isn’t heading the right direction now, it’s hard to imagine anyone pulling the plug on such easy income.


The game dies soon since over 3 years now…

Looking at those numbers I doubt it. 2020 was the best year so far for Sg. They more than doubled their profit from 2019. The total revenue 2020 was nearly the same as the 3 years before combined.
I’m curious about the numbers for 2021 but I don’t think it will be far worse than 2020, probably even better.

Yes the game will close somewhere in the future for sure. May it be soon or still years away. We don’t know it.
But the money the game makes at the moment suggests that the game works as good as never before for the developers, so why kill a cash cow at the moment you make the most money out of it.


Yeah can’t see this game going anywhere for a while that’s for sure.

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Tournament participants drop from over 1,550,000 to less than 1,250,000 in just a year. That is a sign that the game is not on the right direction. Too many players leave, too few new players engaged, SG should start thinking how to help new players catch up with such large gap.


There are other external factors though which could also account for drop in user number etc.

A large portion of that could also be people who were active on the game more whilst on furlough from work due to covid lockdowns that were more casual players but whilst stuck at home were looking for something to pass the time, but now that lockdowns are ending/ ended have gone back to normal and do not have the time to participate in weekly tournaments etc and play mainly at weekends or limit to events they find more appealing.


We’re supposed to know later this year

Obviously things could change. Obviously (as seen above) some will say they’re excited, others don’t want it.


RIght here is my issue with the new content.
The towers were at least sort of different with the curses and blessings.
ToL was different with roster management albeit not a very good finished product
The new challenge events have some slight differences at least
Season 5 needs to be different…perhaps not 720 levels.
I would much prefer possibly condensing things.
So instead of 3 new provinces a month each with 10 levels of tedium, 1 province with 10 levels of challenge, story cut scenes between each stage. Each stage is unique and offers a challenge. The final stage of each province would be titan battle like. The energy cost would be high and the rewards per stage would be higher than any previous item/energy ratio in the game,
Each stage would be 5 rounds. Each round could even be different. 2 rounds of bosses perhaps. They have a lot of things to draw on to make stages challenging but not impossible. Each stage should not take forever to play but shouldn’t be able to auto play it in 1-2 minutes. They can make it balanced, I have seen the level of their abilities. They are not stupid at SG, otherwise this game wouldn’t be netting them the profits they are getting.

There’s plenty of room for profit in this model, paying for continues, buying combat items, special heroes including 3s that make the challenging conditions easier, maybe because they are unaffected, making it so even if you get nothing but 3 s5 heroes, they are actually useful because they make it so replaying on auto for farming. Perhaps special combat items you can only obtain farming these levels. There are lots of things they can do.
Basically S5 needs to be different and not just more new heroes. New hereos are fine but something new to do would be great.


I don’t think so, before covid, before furlough, the number is already over 1,550,000.

So even if you compare it to pre-covid, the drop is real. If furlough increase the participants, then the drop is even larger.


On “game vacation”. Joined RT to gauge player participation :

No attack flags used.
Total score : 1000 points pure defence points
Bottom 25%

4/9/21 4* Bloody = ranked 1145,360
11/9/21 5* Rush, no red = 1133,805

Mythic Titan:
1 flag used, zero score
May 2021: 1236,563
June 2021: 1175,178
July 2021: 1124,382
August 2021: 1103,622
Sept 2021: ranked 1083,016

Not sure if active player population is even 1300,000; it’s trending down for sure.


I agree, so many new hero’s coming in the last few months. Yet the odds still are abysmal.
But some like to spend…

Hard to say, 3 weeks ago I monitored the limit between 1% and 5% and it was somewhere around 12500, hinting at 1.25M players that entered tourney. Have screens but too lazy to search for them now. Bottom 25% isn’t very precise as there are still some points one gets from defense (bare minimum is 1000, but if someone doesn’t get attacked at all it’s an automatic C rank). I think limite 1%/5% is more precise, banking on SGG not giving more rewards than they need to, but I could be wrong :slight_smile: . For mythic titans it seems more people started to ignore them, especially Jormungandr due to his passive, probably.

Also, the important point is not number of players, but how much moolah SGG/Zynga gets.


Empire and puzzles season 5 only one way to go… In space :man_astronaut: merger of astronauts.


can confirm: last week, i watched myself fall from top 1% to top 5% on battle day 5. the last screenshot i took at top 1%, i was ranked 12394, and the first screenshot i took at top 5% was rank 12620.

only thing i know about S5 at this point is that the devs talked about already working on it during the Q&A they did a few months ago. it’s definitely too fast in my opinion, considering they also keep stacking events on top of each other.


I made sure that my raid tourney points totalled 1000 points. I installed a totally guaranteed to be defeated team to guarantee the 1000 points over 5 days.

I was like you before, gauging from top 1%/5%. There is a fallacy there: it does depend on where your rank is.

You need to be exactly the very last player to have made it to 1%, to be able to extrapolate from your rank. Ditto for top 5%

Player A top 1%, ranked 19,405
Player B top 5%, ranked 38,760
If I base it on Player B, it’s 775,200
If I base it on Player A, it’s 1940,500

I am not saying that my number is absolutely correct. It’s suggestive.

My guess is max about 1250,000 active players.
Not talking about casual players who may not log in daily.

If I add in this group, the number should be more. But EP needs active daily players more than casual players if it wants to continue in existence for awhile.

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Of course, which is why you have to track the exact moment when you roll from 1% to 5%, as it gives you the smallest error for estimation of number of players.

Being in top 1% with certain rank indicates that the rank is enough to fit to top 1%, but says nothing about where the limit is. So player who is in top 1% with rank 1555 knows that his rank is enough for being in top 1%, ie. there is at least 155500 players, but that is lowest limit: it could be 155500 players but also 2M. Which is why you wait until you drop from 1%.

I will take @dawnsempires as an example:

He took last 1% screen at rank 12394, meaning there was at least 1239400 active players because there was enough players for 12394 of them being in top 1%.

His first 5% was at range 12620, which means that 12620 players cannot be 1%. He is in top 5%, suggesting there is at least 252400 players: which is correct, since it is the lowest limit. But we know he just fell of 1%, so he won’t be at the bottom of top 5%, more like it will be top 1.01%. So from his position we know there is at least 1239400 players but no more than 1262000 because 12620 is not enough for top 1% while 12394 was. So the number of players is actually the interval [1239400, 1262000[. This of course says nothing about whether the players are causal, occasional, or whether players that don’t participate in RT are actually not playing at all or just ignoring RT.

Basically it’s just a guesstimate.


One of the reasons this game isn’t as popular as it might be is the tendency among some people to rush off to Google Play or Apple Store and mark it down heavily whenever something happens they don’t approve of. That sort of thing is going to deter new players, indeed that is I’m sure what the grumblers intended, to “punish” the publisher. Unfortunately it punishes their fellow players as well. It makes me quite cross. It’s so… petty.

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Will they be giving Damascus blades because I’m in need of leveling up

I think if they are planning a Season 5 the they do need to slow it down a little. With so much being introduced in the past year it is hard to keep up and I now find myself skipping certain things if there is too much overlap.

If they want to add some new content, the regular quests should be revamped as it is one of the things that hasn’t been touched at all! Collect Gems/Battle/Material 1 & 2. Maybe add a 3rd level that’s harder and make those things interesting again. I usual gloss over most of them.

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That means there are almost 100,000 of accounts who also got 1000 score.

How did RT ended up with such ammount of join only account? Does it represent the number of hopeless new players?

It is better if they take time with season 5 to figure it out what cause the dwindling player base and how to make new players able to catch up.

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More like “now apathetic” players who join. Let system decide their defence. And check on the 6th day to collect their rewards. They don’t bother to use their RT flags for their own reasons.

Could be newer players too who bombed out on first day. Lost all 4 flags and waited for the 6th day to collect their loot, assuming that their defence stayed at E throughout.

The “additional 100,000” is a guesstimate. Maybe more. Maybe less.

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