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With only 5 months left in S4 where’s the tall on S5? Do we know the theme, abilities, and heroes yet? And base power of heroes?

Oh man. I think we have had enough new heroes of late. lol. I find it hard to get excited about a new season when new OP heroes are flowing in monthly.


No news is a good news.


Unless there are new heroes that can improve titan scores, i’m not interested


They did announce season 4 before season 3 was rolled out but the sheer speed and volume of new events and heroes being released is becoming overwhelming. Almost annoying actually.


With the overabundnace of everything going on already, I’d prefer if this game ended at S4 for now. If they wanna do something after it, at least give us some breathing room.


If people don’t want new heros don’t pull. Let those of us who enjoy it enjoy it though.


They do not want to face against new heroes, it is not about not wanting to have them. When the new heroes come, they are bound to have to face them regardless of pull.


Season 5: The Search for Commander Grey
A new color tile (gray) with a new element (Stone) will be introduced.


That’s no reason the game should stand still. And only people at the very top levels will have to deal with lots of new heros all at once anyway, too many people have this idea that the game is only worth anything if you are always playing at the very top top and of course that’s exhausting. But the secret is the game can be very fun in the middle too. If someone is tired of trying to keep up then don’t keep up anymore just play for fun in a relaxed way


The game should not stand still but the game need to slow down the speed of introduction.


I disagree. The pace is just right I think.


A lot of people disagree with you. The last update result in lagging. It is clear that the developers should pause for awhile and improve the quality of the game so it can run smooth despite abundance of features.

Since the acceleration of new introductions, the game have lost almost 20% of tourney participants.


So I should change my opinion because others disagree? That’s not how that works. My game hasn’t lagged :man_shrugging:


It is called a difference of opinion. They are not trying to change your mind, just expressing theirs. If you don’t want to hear others opinions then don’t post yours.


No news on Season 5 yet, I expect some teaser around Christmas/New Year as usual.

If you are into new heroes, there is millions of them released each month with new events, new towers, new whatevers etc.

New Season for me shouldn’t be mostly about new heroes but rather about new gameplay. S2 was interesting because of that back in the days… S3 tried but failed since the runes instead of being a challenge - actually made it easier to complete the levels. S4 was rushed and the result is it is boring as hell - the gems have almost no impact on the game unless you are on autoplay, and the biome effects although could have been cool - somehow reward colors that you’d be taking anyways so again no impact, or even making it easier. Just all the same match anything you can, charge, fire, rinse, repeat. I’d prefer them to pause and figure out something new that’s actually involving. And only then figure out new heroes.

But the only chance they’ll do that is if they slow down because of the Zynga deal last tranche pay out and being freed up from financial goals. If that won’t help, we’ll have this game keep saturated with hundreds of legendary heroes where no one will ever pull the one they want, instead of actual interesting gameplay to use these heroes on.


Given the number of new events that are being introduced at the moment, I don’t think you can fairly say the game’s progress will stall without an early onset S5. I do like new content, I do like new heroes, but I also like a little time for them to bed in; time to see what works, time to accumulate some mats so the shiny cards are actually some use rather than merely ornament (mind you I speak as one who likes to collect even ones I don’t expect to use, just because). We have just had a new challenge event, we’re just about to have a new Tower, costumes coming for the Autumn season, and haven’t yet finished the first round of aether quests. That’s plenty for now. They will also no doubt be working on the rest of the challenge events to round it up to two per element. So although s5 will be welcome when it comes, no doubt, I for one (well, for several, if this thread is any indication) am not in a rush for it. Let’s just finish looking forward to what’s planned for the end of s4!

And what @Suicide_Bunny said.


maybe season 5 will be the last season. because this game will close soon

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I think after the last rate of the Zynga deal is payed based on revenue, some things will slow down. I dont think this game is at its end with a monthly revenue of 20 Mio $! Even half of this is more than enough to maintain such a game and make a nice profit on top.
By trying to max the profit to enhance the outstanding pay rate they risk to „overheat“ the game. A bit of slowdown would be cool, give the whales time to appreciate the shiny new toys they already have und give us normal mortals the chance to close the gap. My advice to SG/Zynga:
Develop a strategy to attract new players and implement a few QoL improvements and start S5 in autumn 2022, accept s low doen duribg next summer with fewer revenue to attract new interredt and spending after the summer vacation saison is over. Witout the chance to cool down, sone players might quit because of financial and/or psychic exhaustion.
There are enough regular events and quests for those of us who want to play anything. And please make S5 interesting, theres is no need for mediocre players to finish the map stages, they can complete s2-s4 in hard mode to grow their teams. You should at least need a 4500er team to complete (normal) S5 map stages, 4760 for hard mode, otherwise it will be lame.

Happy gaming


Does that thought make you happy?

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