Season 5 heroes names re checked

Good day
Iam a dedicated player from Egypt. I consider the game one of the best game i ever played despite my 5* draws bad luck which i hope to improve. I saw the new announcement for Season 5 heroes on the game forum:

As Egyptian and as a player that like the game credibility, i wanted to offer some updates :

1- some of the heroes names aren’t Pharaonic or related to ancient Egypt like : El nadaha, Waqas , Junaid Aqeela

I really request with all my heart to consider these names
As aproud Egyptian who likes the history of the pharaohs, who represent a legacy for all human now and not just Egyptians
2- please if possible consider the artwork of these heroes … they look more of cartoons and feel like they could be better

Here are links for some Pharaohs names or ancient Egyptian names if u want to consider my ticket which isnt a complaint rather than being a request

Thanks best staff ever and waiting for your kind update.

I don’t see a relevance for the names Waqas, Junaid and Aqeela though I’m curious as what they do with El nadaha.

Generally, if SGG needs to introduce yet more heroes, perhaps just introduce just a few that are of significant note and interest. There doesn’t even seem to be any cultural relevance in these proposals.


The names not directly referring to Ancient Egypt seem to be mostly 3* heroes – so presumably just random Egyptian Warriors, rather than trying to explicitly connect to something that exists in history or mythology.

Google identifies El Naddaha with “En-Naddāha”, an Egyptian water spirit of the Nile. I assume this is who is meant.


Thanks for your interest .the names u mentioned are arabic names so not related to ancient Egypt but to the age of arab civilizations in Egypt which is totally different than Pharaonic civilization.
My concern is accuracy and credibility… u did great with S3 and even S4 to a great extent despite being myth or modern literature tale but when it comes to something was REAL and easy to find references for it … it would hve been more simple …


If SGG wants authentic names for 3* heroes, they could find plenty of options via Category:Ancient Egyptians by occupation - Wikipedia

or are their specific options you can suggest?

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Thanks Greg for the link thts great.
As i said its human legacy to care about not just for a particular nation

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I’d amazed if they do any more name changes for heroes like they have with Khufu.

The did the same thing with the Norse mythology as well. Drew the various beings as cartoonish. Because its a game, meant to be fun, not based in reality.