🏜️ Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes) – FAQ & Links

We will have 36 provincies.
So no.

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Played every map of season V and 300 coins from pov aaaaaaaand Zero!!! 5* heros till now…

Waste if time…like everything else

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So far I have pulled only one legendary hero from Season 2-5 in total with all coins I received.
My other 3 hero from these seasons in total were just arrived from HA10, Fated summon and Soul Exchange.

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same, the odds are ridiculously low. It’s so stingy, to be honest…

My breakdown:

  • One 5* from season completion coins (S2 hero)
  • One 5* from gem summoning after using up all my completion coins (this one took all the free coins, plus another 25 summons!) (S3 hero)
  • One HA10 (S2 hero)
  • One Fated Summon (S2 hero)

I finished S3 and S4 without pulling a single 5* from completion coins. for S5 I still don’t have a single 5* either.

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Did anyone reach to the Season 5 boss? Do we have any details, maybe a video? :grin:

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Noone has reached it as it will arrive in next month only.


Thank you. Then, no rush for me to finish province 32.

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Evening all, is there anyone that can give me a breakdown of energy required for the different provinces for normal and hard.

Eg: Province 1-6 6 we normal 9 we hard

Or just point me in the right direction if where the info is

@PlayForFun Yesterday several players sent me their mission sheets at once. Yes, these are completely blank sheets, meaning that all the missions have already been fully completed. Is there any information about whether any new missions will be added in the near future?

I am not expecting any until Untold stories is released for Atlantis.

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