🕵 Season 4 (Voyagers of the Underwild) – FAQ & Links

Three I believe.


3 provinces is only 90 coins( Not good(

240 coins are available no?


Only if you finish hard. I usually play hard after all normal.
And I do not know if my team (Gulli+Krampus+Sif+Alfrike/Zocc+MelendorC) can finish hard on auto.

Then don’t play them on auto maybe?


I need to work and spend time with family) So, no-auto only for 30 minutes in subway)


Some heros (examples: Lepiota, Guardian Gazelle, Guardian Chameleon) can remove effects that are normally undispellable or uncleansable, so that is why the effect is reapplied every five turns.

For those of us without those heros, the effect is effectively permanent as far as I’m aware. ^^;


I’ve addeed a section to the FAQ’s above regarding Fiends, summarising a bunch of the questions asked so far.


Thanx @Guvnor . Helps alot

I also liked that the story this time is geared towards just adventuring. S1-3, especially S3 was just in your face ‘the world is ending’ plot. S3 story was tbh just unbearable at times.
Are we just going to move on from the fact that Valhalla was almost destroyed because of Hel’s stupidity?

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Gulli is pretty good, Underwild gems make his stacking special “go brrr”.
Other heroes who stacks their effects with hits taken such as Krampus are good even if Black Knight would be better.

I use since S3 Aegir - Vivica - Gullinbursti - Telluria - Ranvir and they don’t delude me, I think that your team wouldn’t have any problem.

Only it doesnt stakc with the yellow heroes, just watch when you play. The effect doesnt apply on yellow heroes.

I have been using Wilbur, 2 Gulli, Malosi and Joon on auto the first 3 easy worlds.

By “stack their effects” I were meaning effects wich “further increase every time they or they allies are hit” and such (Gullinbursti and Krampus on self, Black Knight on all allies…) and it does increase when a underwhild gem hit them.

You have Aegir for survivability. My team cannot complete hard S3 without help, especially when bosses have Sonya special. Any mob strikes 300 to +20 Krampus, and will kill C.Mel +20 on 2 strikes.

not sure if this question has been brought up recently, But now that S4 is out, are there any plans on adding S3 legendaries to HA10? or is that not on table currently?

do we know if the other heroes in beta will come in april?

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Zenobia will be one to get. Specifically for the fire shield boost

These Heroes have an Innate Ability…

Innate Ability.PNG


I wanna fight her. I want her to replace some of these Emerald Centipedes so I can fight her.

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I must say that I really like Biomes Effects. Finally I want to experiment with different heroes, I want to use heroes that I haven’t used before. This makes S4 map stages more interesting to play.


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