Season 4, Province 31, Stage 3 Normal with Hard enemies?

Just played the new stages in S4 and when I did Stage 3 in Province 31 the enemies seemed to hit a lot harder then before - like 450 damage on a +20 5* hero with a normal attack of a normal stage monster.

In other stages the damage was only about 200 damage per normal attack.

It seemed the enemies had the stats for the hard stage at normal. Anyone else had this happen to him?

Edit: Same seems to be the case in Stage 6: checked the attack stat of the enemies and its >2700, whereas in stage 7 it is around 1400.

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Yes. I noticed that between stages the attack of enemies jumps from 1300 to 2100. I almost got team wiped because of this, and decided to switch in Lidenbrock just for this reason. Definitely needs checking but there is fact that some stages on normal are much harder than relatively close stages on hard.

As I recall this happened to some earlier stages in earlier provinces in S4.

Someone posted a topic about it, and as I recall Staff said that the difficulty increases in some stages is intended.


It seems like the stages with two bosses have an unusual spike in attack, being able to 1 shot anything. And that was on normal mode

Same thing happened to me on Level 7 Province 32. Griffin had 5600 of attack. That’s not right at all.


This 5600 attack is very high.

Maybe we kindly ask @Petri to look at this once Staff is back from holiday next week.

Cc: @Dudeious.Maximus


29-8 and 30-2 do have >5100 Attack for Griffin and Mack, pretty sure that this has already been confirmed by @Petri as an wanted feature and no mistake. Just couldn’t find the post…


(2400 instead of 1500 attack on mobs on easy s4? - #8)

I understand @Petri is busy, but a few keywords in staff responses would cut down some on these kind of questions

On BoH forum, I set up a Global announcement ( for smartphones) that linked to important Topic

One topic was "Dev responses " that listed all official feedback such as "this is intended behavior "

If moderators are interested, I could message them a link



It will be exactly ‘It is working as intended’ xD

Today I played 33-2 or 33-3 at normal difficulty and when I checked mobs attack power I saw 2900 :slight_smile: Maybe I was hallucinating :slight_smile:

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I was about to start a new topic, but I’m glad to see other noticed this too. Right now I’m completing the Province, on normal. On hard, I’m at province 31 so there’s no way how I would enter a hard fight “by mistake”.

Province 33 - Stage 2 - just look at those stats.

Province 33 - Stage 3 - check this out

A while ago I sent them all those details because I’ve seen a boss having 6500 attack stats on normal.

Well, there answer was a total lack of respect. Shame on you, @Staff_SGG!

Mod edit - sharing ss with support is against fourm rules…

I suggest to remove this support answer from the last post as I recall it is against the forum rulest to post these.
Staff / Moderators will remove it if you do not once they see it.


I am aware of this. However, I’ve added to the post as a form of protest, so people can see how “nice” those guys are.

Ok, it’s your call…


I’m following here with one more reason why the stats of mobs / boss on stage 2 of province 33 makes no sense.

Here’s the Stage 6 of Province 33: the mobs and the boss are all purple (so they have 50% more attack). Yet, they are waay weaker than the fire mobs / boss from stage 2, province 33.

I think this is clearly a bug but @Staff_SGG simply doesn’t want to admit their mistake (or simply don’t care). :man_shrugging:

It gets back to ~3000 attack for mobs in 33-8. Still got 2 stages to go.

any type of difficulty can be countered

use minions, healers and counterattack for this type of stages

but i agree it is funny to see, on mobs, 1800 atk on province 33 and 2700 atk on province 28 :laughing:

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Yep. I feel that shared damage is the most important buff that can help you pass those stages. 5 mobs, each of them doing 500-600 damage can easily kill your team if you don’t have shared damage.

Shared damage + overheal + minions, this is my recipe for those stages. Wilbur is always active (this is why I bring super mana potions and tornados).

My pig being the only hero which can overheal the entire team, I still bring him, even if it has 50% miss rate.

Did anyone take any screenshot from the hard mode, on province 33? :thinking:

P.S. This is ths Stage 8 on Province 33 - normal.

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Exactly, so if >4400 is OK for 28-2, I think a bit over 5000 should also be OK for higher levels.

This is, of course, a big gap from the normal levels, but as these are just 2 per stage, I think it is doable.