Season 4 Oddity

Not really vital or important, but do you see anything odd?

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Yes! I see! I see an endless stream of money flowing into the S4 portal in less than 72 hours… I see a long list of overpowered heroes replacing Frigg, Odin, Krampus and company in the top 100 defense lines. I see the field value of S1 and S2 heroes further crumbling towards zero… it’s not a ghift, it’s a curse… :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


LOL. Not what I had in mind. But like very prized legendaries behind a paywall obtained using free pulls, I’ll take it. :rofl:

I see you got holy chest. Get ready for another sharpening stone!


No S4 in sight here. And no holy chest…

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I see “Covid causes hypercoagulability wh…”


Your current recruit number is odd.


That is the Corellia plans? (Starting point)

How can the story of Season 4 continue if it has not started yet? @Ultra

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The story we’ve had so far continues to S4

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We’re giving suggestions as to what the “oddity” is as stated by @Ultra

It can be read differently.

It says the story continues.

It makes sense if you think of S4 as chapter 4 of the ongoing story started in S1 (chapter 1).

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Sorry to burst your bubble but in beta the story doesn’t start as a continue of s3 it starts as its own thing and oddly enough it just kinda starts with no real reason just hey come with me.


Your current gem counting is odd. Fill them up real fast. :joy::joy::joy:.

Season 4
and 444 gems

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