Season 4 just more of the same? BORING (and disappointing...)

Yes Jon your absolutely right $G step your game up bro! Don’t be one upping everything and simultaneously showing deliberate laziness on an over hyped, rushed weak product. Do better. The story hasn’t been this bad since you’ve started and repeating the same lazy bosses throughout every stage of the most boring part of the game is not that cool.

Right I agree Sno. Usually your a bit crazy but I would have to agree with you here. Centipedes are already something I would prefer never seeing. $G has some sort of centipede obsession. Just wish he didn’t insist on me having to endure the centipede on repeat for an entire Season opener.

Don’t blame them for not responding

Ty for respecting my opinion now I will respectfully read your response.

I cannot disagree with any of what you just said. I think the story mode is something that many people have expressed much frustration with regards to farming.
This is why I just was triggered when I seen the same lame bosses on repeat with the story mode having the same average season one fighters suddenly meeting up with Captain Nemo ect ect… If they aren’t going to improve the farming process atleast don’t put forth such a lame/average (but mostly lame) product and expect me to happily sit through the entire season with a dumb grin on my face. :grin: I know when I’m being messed with.

This felt lazy and made me feel as if $G has checked out. I expect more and if not then lemme start making my plans to finding a game creator that still has pride in their game and love for their community. This shows neither and it’s official after season 4 if someone says $G is only about the “STIMMY” money or whatever I can’t say that person is wrong. STIMMY or otherwise this officially feels like a game that is used for nothing more then grabbing people’s money with no regards to any other factor but padding their pockets.

That’s not an excuse for a lame story line. I’ve played many games with story lines far better than many apreciated tv series… hell, some SW games have story lines far better than the Disney epidodes… better than the original trilogy, some may argue… this game has a lame stoy line because nobody at headquaters cares about the story line. We all know what they care for… they could have easily aford hireing some comic book artists to come up with something where Elena doesn’t always keeps her swords ready to strike and Richard lets that hammer off his shoulder… give us a story worth fighting for… is it much to ask after the zillions of dollars they make?



Yep, I have personally played a ton of games with better storylines than this one.

And the enemies in this game? Whether it’s a bird or a bug or a tree or a floating axe or whatever, all they do is bob up and down. The main draw of this game is, as it always has been, the heroes themselves. They are the ones that make the gameplay interesting.

Now, if only they were affordable…


Gregor Samsa would like to have a word with you.

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I never suggested otherwise, or implied at any point that I think you’re wrong. I was merely asking @Guvnor if some replies to you were left behind in the other thread. Apparently there weren’t :man_shrugging:

As to the game…take it as it is. I doubt very much you’ll experience a sea change in the devs approach after all these years. :slightly_smiling_face:

I pointed this since it was first appearance in beta. They got a uge potencial with alot of stories on Jules Verne. I asked what is about this story? Got none response. I don’t see any story other than “great adventures ahead, let’s gooo” aye. Realy SG? Edit… We already left a better story with vallalha… Even Atlanthis was better than this.


JERRY! JERRY!.. Ting Ting Ting… There goes the bell…

Well folks, that’s all we have got time for today
… Join us next time for some more Centipede Rage.

Take care of yourselves and each other. :slight_smile:

Hit the credits…


:thinking:Wow storyline really took the jam out of a few players doughnuts :rofl::doughnut: .

I always skip the story line doesn’t really interest me much. Might read a bit here and there. But I’m in it for the game it self tbh.
Bit of fun on me spare time and chat to good people in my alliance and global.

But there only venting and I’m sure they will keep playing the game not matter how bad they think its getting lol.

But thanks for letting me know its a bad storyline as will skip it :+1::joy:



:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::+1::ok_hand: Brilliant


“Some storm or something…” :joy::+1:



So… I guess you dont like the new season?

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So disappointed… Season 4 Summon results

What a crap his Season 4! auto farm is not working to hard mode.
Same stages, taking too much for this graphic. How much time is getting wasted for each stage do you know?
Province 20 stages(Normal+Hard)
each stage 3-4 waves, eating lot of time, we know the color combination, we easily get each stage, if we have 4500+TP .

Now bought special allowances is given to enemies in Season 4 to waste player time…

My question is why auto farm is not optimized, is it not upgraded for season 4?

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