Season 4 just more of the same? BORING (and disappointing...)

I have shifted your… disappointment… to it’s own thread as it had virtually nothing to do with the previous thread (SPECIFICALLY there to house the Storyline cutscene’s itself)… Seeming to more be a rant/ vent about the fact that the bosses/ gameplay is similar to all previous seasons.

I’m not really sure why you’re surprised by that tho… Pretty much every season has just been the same set of bosses / enemies repeating ad-nausium… :man_shrugging:

GL & enjoy your new thread.


Me liked it, cleared it within 8 hrs, 2 missions are completed. One more is in progress.
My s2 mission is still hanging on Kirins. :joy:.
S3 still on aged rhinos.
Dont know how fast i did S4 missions.
May be i will clear the 3rd one within 3 days. :thinking:.

Is that why the OP appears to be arguing with himself at the top of the thread? The replies, if any, are left behind in the other thread?

Sure looks odd but does supply a good laugh. :rofl:


I frequently argue wih myself and I rarely win :disappointed_relieved::open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:


This thread reads way better pretending he’s started a thread to just yell out loud because he spent his entire stimmy and didn’t get Prof Lidenbrock.


No; there were legitimately 3-4 comments in a row by the OP.

There were 1-2 misdirected replies but they are towards the bottom. The top half is undiluted (from memory)


I’m pretty sure there will be tottally new enemies in later stages but now we are in entrace cave so its pretty normal for me that creatures living there are similar to the normal ones since they can go out at every moment from cave.

For me is actually make sense

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This is not a storyline game and it will never be, so i don’t have issues with it.

For what concern mobs/bosses design, Small Giant is not new to recycle concepts.
Both bosses have only a beard and some crystals more:

Also many S3 mobs/bosses are recycled from S2 and S1, some HotM, clothes and shoes between heroes, and some costumes are really a cheap photoshop modification (Azar just for instance).

Maybe it’s a common occurence in game industry, but when people say it is alright to set a single summon at roughly 4$/€ because they must cover the costs, i always think people do not really understand how much inflated this prices are.

This game have a really cheap graphic and mechanic. Some indy games are more complex then this.

A mobile game per se have not great costs of maintennance, and to add shame on shame, most of the time they just reuse graphics and content.

That single summon could be setted at 1 €, and they still get a revenue from it.


It’s potentially got something to do with memory space as a mobile game. With four seasons there is now a lot of graphics content to fit in compared to previous versions, and the game has to fit on to much smaller/older devices than many people own. It’s already half a gig on my creaky phone. I guess it’s a choice of recycling to keep the game compact and running smoothly. Although they could mix the mobs and bosses up a bit more than they have!


I always smile when it comes to debating the “artistic” value of SG’s work… there’s only so much one can expect from this kind of graphics. It will never match the graphics detail or artwork of PC or console games. It just can’t. As for the storyline… can’t we just ignore the storyline? It’s probably meant to entertain 4 years old children… luckily yesterday we got to debate the politically corectfulness of Aouda’s introduction, otherwise boredom is the only available word to describe the excitement of S4 (or any other sesson) storyline.


Everybody who rants about season 4 story and levels was probably overexcited for it (in my opinion) :wink:

Why is that?:
Because Season 2 and Season 3 already where exactly the same pattern.

I think everybody who is ranting now has just been overexcited and forgot where this game came from.

Its a a game, not a tv series!

And believe it or not, the aim of every game today is to make money with ingame purchases.
Just ask how many FIFA players lost all financial balance just to start again at 0 every year(!)

The game still is okay, there are plenty of events that i like more than farming 8.7 everyday or saving all tickets just to wait for atlantis farming days.

Buckle off, and dont expect the game to become some second online crazy world of warcraft style open and free access with real money outcome and a real life ■■■ doll of vivica!

Dont like it? Go f2p. Like it? Stay but watch financial balance. Season 5 will come. Fact.

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Erm… Legend of Zelda… Cough cough.

The stories aren’t atrocious but they are a bit lazy. The devs are lazy when it comes to repetitive design and trite dialogue. Words don’t take up much space, and even a Gashadokuro in place of the occasional centipede thingy would break things up a bit.

But hey, when your :eyes: are always on the :moneybag: and it’s coming in freely as :money_with_wings:, it’s easy to be languorous :man_shrugging:

I argue with myself all the time. Saves me the headaches I get from people. Atleast I know myself will back his arguments with logical reasoning. Logical reasoning or not I am odd, that’s for sure :monkey:. Why the monkey emoji there? I don’t know, deal with it.
Now for all my odd qualities I still think I am not so odd for wanting a better story mode both with game play and the actual comic part. Story mode is and has always been the most boring part of the game in my opinion. If that is the case and season 4 is supposed to be an improvement why did they come out with such a lazy effort? There is nothing wrong with me wanting a better product.

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No not wrong. It sucks. I can’t be wrong when giving my opinion. That’s where I stopped reading your irrelevant post. If I give my opinion I can’t be wrong.

I’m staying something as opinion not fact. Take out the start of your post perhaps I’ll read the rest.

I really am not to smooth with this forum. That’s for sure. I hope as I become more fluid my skills here will improve lol. I did try asking some people some questions but I don’t blame them for responding. I tend to be a bit intense when I’m triggered and fly off the handle…I apologise about that, sorta kinda but not about staying my opinion that $G failed miserably with this Season starting off on the wrong foot.

Tbh, I thought Emerald Centipedes were already a thing somewhere else, and I mean actually as a boss or enemy variant FAR before Season 4 was a thing.

That, i have to admit, is correct. I changed my words because everybody has his own opinion.

And bringing it further.

In many years of super mario the base enemy types (turtles and brown something things) have been the same. Also bowser as the one and only boss.
So thats not really the problem here.

I personally do not dislike the idea of using old monsters again. Because:
The morlovia quest as example ends with “blablabla maybe there is a vampire overlord” and boom you go and have halloween event with excact the same enemies and victor as the called overlord.

I liked seeing elkanen and kadilen in season 3 and also getting hel into the story.

I dislike that elena and richard are always the same to season 1 heroes that are just average (not counting in the costumes).
Maybe those two (basic heroes) should get stronger with every new season, just because they are the faces of the stronghold.


Don’t need a stimmy to blow on Prof Lindenbrock. I’m not attacking anyone here. I also don’t think comments like this should be responded to but since that’s what people do these days lemme take a second to respond to some keyboard warriors. You don’t know me you don’t know how much money I make how much money I spend so don’t say something as a “shot” at me and expect to get anyone but ignorant people pretending that this sort of commentary is acceptable. Believe what you want. I think the season sucks and it has NOTHING ZERO NADDA TO DO WITH A STIMMY OR WHATEVER… :thinking: Don’t do it Sno, just don’t do it bro… Just turn away and walk around this is the internet for all you know this is a little kid or an overly sensitive new school types. Just keep it movin…
SEASON 4 SUCKS I HATE CENTIPEDES… argue that go head. Tell me what I said wrong there. To myself or ANYONE.

Sno sorry bro but you are attacking someone here just thought I’d correct you before these people start ripping you to shreds over the internet. You technically are attacking $G.

Ahhhh yes ty Jon. Ty bro your right.

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