Season 4 just more of the same? BORING (and disappointing...)

Gregor Samsa would like to have a word with you.

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I never suggested otherwise, or implied at any point that I think you’re wrong. I was merely asking @Guvnor if some replies to you were left behind in the other thread. Apparently there weren’t :man_shrugging:

As to the game…take it as it is. I doubt very much you’ll experience a sea change in the devs approach after all these years. :slightly_smiling_face:

I pointed this since it was first appearance in beta. They got a uge potencial with alot of stories on Jules Verne. I asked what is about this story? Got none response. I don’t see any story other than “great adventures ahead, let’s gooo” aye. Realy SG? Edit… We already left a better story with vallalha… Even Atlanthis was better than this.


JERRY! JERRY!.. Ting Ting Ting… There goes the bell…

Well folks, that’s all we have got time for today
… Join us next time for some more Centipede Rage.

Take care of yourselves and each other. :slight_smile:

Hit the credits…


:thinking:Wow storyline really took the jam out of a few players doughnuts :rofl::doughnut: .

I always skip the story line doesn’t really interest me much. Might read a bit here and there. But I’m in it for the game it self tbh.
Bit of fun on me spare time and chat to good people in my alliance and global.

But there only venting and I’m sure they will keep playing the game not matter how bad they think its getting lol.

But thanks for letting me know its a bad storyline as will skip it :+1::joy:



:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::+1::ok_hand: Brilliant


“Some storm or something…” :joy::+1:



So… I guess you dont like the new season?

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So disappointed… Season 4 Summon results

What a crap his Season 4! auto farm is not working to hard mode.
Same stages, taking too much for this graphic. How much time is getting wasted for each stage do you know?
Province 20 stages(Normal+Hard)
each stage 3-4 waves, eating lot of time, we know the color combination, we easily get each stage, if we have 4500+TP .

Now bought special allowances is given to enemies in Season 4 to waste player time…

My question is why auto farm is not optimized, is it not upgraded for season 4?

No offence but that is actually a good, not great but a really good pull… If it was tavern it would have been all S1 3*…atleast you got some new 3* and 4* hero’s from the event and 4* S1 which if you already do have make great feeders.
I literally love 3* and last year at Christmas and other events I was pretty gutted that all I got was rubbish, not even a season 3* or 4* so in that respect its a good change and way better than adding additional triner heros in the pull which diluted chances for anything even way more worse.

I needed a purple hero and did 1 free pull and got 3* mole, I was very happy with that, hoped for 5* and really hoped NOT to get any season1

5*, yeah, I know, I feel you, that’s another story.

This is EXACTLY what I think the process looks like! And ty hahahahaaaaa :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:🤦 BRILLIANT

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I did not no it wasn’t. I actually thought I auto farmed most of it. I can check tho if it’s like that on my end.

Mother north+11, gullinbursti+20, elenacostume+7, ariel+20, alberich+18

So actually my team did all levels normal and hard mode easily.

Don’t care about the storyline. I care about finishing the stages as quickly as possible. And in that sense, Season 4 is leagues more enjoyable than the utter slog that is/was Season 3. I get your criticism. I’m sure you and many others have issue with everything that you brought up. World map and farming is my least favorite thing in the game so I’m just glad it’s a little better than S3.

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You know the more I play the more respect I lose for the creators and developers of this game. It’s bringing in millions of dollars and the thought and effort put back into this game is miniscule. This season sucks and all this was about was releasing a overpowered hero so that everyone would chase her(Elizabeth) The runic rocks now become underwild gems? Yeah that was original. This company does not care for its users only about raking in more money


Me cleared everything within 12hrs,
All the missions were cleared as well before the S4 summon portal closed. Me really liked S4.
Anything new to play in the game, im the most happier person there to try it. :slightly_smiling_face:.


Played 2 staged of s4, got s2 hard to finish and s3 both modes to finish but from what I’m reading s4 is easier? Or is that just because it’s only 3 province’s in…im sure it’ll become a grind,

As for content I dunno what ppl were expecting honestly like 3d effects with Dolby 5.1

It’s a match 3 game and if it weren’t for summon coins and rewards I’d probably only do pvp.

Yeah the Characters are just the same as s1 with new art overlapping it, I farm s1 7-4 every day to fill chests hasn’t bothered me yet…now summon odds or s1 heros in s2,3,4 portals that’s a bit of an onion in the ointment still but if life were perfect we’d not be playing this game…I know I’d be on a yacht in the Caribbean sipping on a cold drink not playing games on my phone …but I do what I do and if I stop enjoying it I stop doing it.

This game is loosing revenue. But thats because of other issues that already been ranted to death (by myself included) on other threads…monster art and cut scenes aren’t a deal breaker for me.

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