Season 4 just more of the same? BORING (and disappointing...)

I have no idea what is going on in Season 4. Story mode had always been lame but at least they were nice enough to create different enemies before. We now are forced to sit through the same disgusting annoying centipede boss throughout every stage just about. This was a big insult as it shows a huge level of laziness. To have the same boss repeated over and over, with such a boring story mode already they may have sealed the deal here with regards to lack of concern about the community.

This Season 4 story mode shows how little the creators actually care about the game anymore. They are milking us for the last of what they can while officially not even hiding it in anymore. It’s sad because as much as I feel insulted I still enjoy the game and the friends who I have made throughout my time in this Community. Has $G just gave up all together on hiding the fact that they are in auto farm mode with their Community here?

If they have no plans of fixing little things within the game such as font colors, then take months to respond on the forum, THEN WHEN WE BEEN ANTICIPATING AN EXCITING NEW SEASON… they come out with the same ugly centipede and beatles throughout the worst story mode yet. What a major let down.


How can you like the story? So you enjoy watching a movie with boring scenes repeated over and over. I played each of the 3 provinces on both difficulties and if I have to see another centipede boss and characters talking about absolutely nothing that was mentioned at any point of the story mode before suddenly talk about this out of nowhere is just beyond lame. It’s laziness by $G on display here at it’s finest. I hope the amount of time they spent on story mode was taken away from them because they went all out on the heros they were creating and knew without any doubt that the heros would bring more than extra padding to their already deep pockets.

Regardless major insult to roll this lazy lack luster of a Season 4 after all the time and money and effort giving to $G I feel like I was just smacked in the face with this huge let down. Personally I never been a hater. I spend money here because I enjoy the product, but when the producers of the product show just how little they care anymore this is where I start questioning why I am stil loyal to the product. I am almost sure that this season will be the last for $G.

How did they think repeating the same exact background with the same exact enemies AND enemies from past seasons even just repeated over and over and over with the occasional story mode that is as intriguing as someone posting what they had for breakfast on facebook. This season may have some new features with some fighters but this is the biggest insult to the community yet. To make it through all checkpoints and rush this to us and then ask us to pay more time and money is really a shame. I wish I didn’t grow so much care for our alliance. The day I seen season 4 be a centipede boss on repeat was the day I woulda dropped this game like the creators seem like they want out at this point. They are on auto farm and do not care about the community or the game anymore. Just lazy and boring. This season shouldn’t have been approved to be put out to their loyal Community is insulting.

I don’t know where to post sorry your just the one I clicked on as this forum isn’t very user friendly to me. I’m not even sure what you are referring to about a flash light. I thought you were the one that said you were enjoying season 4.

I wanna put $G on BLAST for Season 4 LEGENDARY STYLE LET DOWN! How do I do that?

Who cares about our communitys time

This is a major major let down and if I didn’t care about my alliance members I would be out this game and leaving bad reviews everywhere I can. This is the most amount of laziness I have seen with any part of any game in my entire gaming history. How lame!

What a horrible let down here with Season 4. I can’t wait another month to have my time and money wasted again.

I have no issues with the storyline, although your repeated rant is even more entertaining.


Did you do the first stage of the first province??? Then you played the entire thing.

You have no issues with repeating the same stages over and over not even changing them slightly?

Dude, I’m only talking about the cutscenes. Apparently, I’m the only one of the few people here that even reads the cutscenes

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Is ROOM 8 still doing the character designs?

I like their work.

You aren’t missing anything

I actually noticed that as well. This is giving me “Kadilen and Elkanen as Alfheim elite bosses becuase we’re too lazy to craft one or two generic elves” vibes.

Additionally, I feel like that centipede was from somewhere, but people weren’t able to tell me where. And I’ve noticed the Sandy Caves really didn’t even change Stage 10 bosses either.

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I don’t know I read them. I’m not sure how anyone could have a problem with what I said I’m just not feeling the farming in this game ever, and if I have to farm I’d appreciate the rich and capable creators to put a bit of effort on a big part of the game. To not put forth a bit of creativity within the stages makes you wonder a bit. Why? It’s just lazy and if I am going to continue to spend my time in a game that I’ve spent much of my free time and much of my spare money here gladly I wanna know I’m spending my personal valuable resources to a good product. This is a joke. They rushed it out with no care. Pay attention to the stages and see how epically bad it is. Have some pride with your finished product that has been overall a good one. They sending a message with things like this. Don’t be upset that I’m upset that I expect more from them. My money alone could have produced a better finished product than the stages within the very disappointing season 4.
Season 4 I was looking for something that would have shown pride in their product. It should have been LEGENDARY on all accounts. I remember nintendo had more creative less repetitive stages within Mario.
This needed to be a step up in the right direction and instead it’s a centipede and some beatles repeated over and over and over…
And over…

And over…
Sucks to repeat the same thing over and over and over… Especially when that thing is boring and the boss is a centipede. Come on??? Really? This is the best they can do??? With SEASON 4??? all they are good at is upping the power of fighters and the price of “deals”. Step your game up Zyga!

Ty Exactly, maybe I’m wrong for wanting a bit more??? To me I’m just imagining how this sort of thing could be

  1. Brainstormed
  2. Created
  3. Tested
  5. Now we are playing this sort of groundhog day stage over and over and over… I mean really??? Why??? Did you guys feel underpaid???

If you are that lazy and wanna repeat the same enemies throughout every stage within a boring storyline, atleast don’t use a centipede from a prior season… Better yet stop using the centipede at all. Once is enough with the centipede. Maybe consider using Gefjon on repeat next time. I woulda been too distracted to realize the background or the rest of the details or lack there of.

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Sorry I’m not trying to be rude to you your entitled your opinion but tell me you don’t see this as a HUGE slap in the face? This should not have made it through day one of beta. For them to roll this lame season 4 out is just insulting.

er, not sure why you are replying to me. The only thing I’ve posted here is that I thought Passepartout’s thingie is a giant flashlight…

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Well if I didn’t read the text I would have been even more heated. The text was like my breather in between me feeling like I was being messed with or something. Like $G is up in their mansions laughing at their Community for being suckers or something. I can’t believe they just thought to use the same exact bosses and enemies over and over it’s mind boggling that they created this and then thought ehhh that’s good enough just use the same exact stuff and change the numbers on the stages and provinces. Attach some “deals” out there already we need more money.

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