Season 4 farming

Hey there,

Not sure if there is already a widely available resource for S4 farming, but if not, I would like to start one. And I was wondering if some others would like to join and help, following the model of Barry Farmz.

What say you?


I’m definitely interested! There are a lot of 6 flag zones with seemingly above average loot. Would be nice to have some actual data.


Thanks for the offer. Since there have not been many offers I say we start documenting:

Monsters (number and element)

Except for the number of monsters, the others are constant, I think and thus can be ready in only a few runs. My line id is the_seeker3

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I’d like to help where I can. I have some runs documented already for avatar farming but I only focused on monsters and I did not do it consistently.

I’ll try to be more thoughtful as I go through levels.

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Great to hear. How can we keep in touch and coordinate?

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I sent you a message on line (I think)

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Got it, let’s continue there

Hello all, I can help. Tell me the process you are using and I’ll pitch in where needed.

Has anyone found a reliable S4 spot for Ori Nuggs, Midnight Roots, and Grim Dust?

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Thanks, firmpulse! I should start setting the frame and the process. Unfortunately I did not have the mental energy to do it, as I had to do a lot of process management for my job :)) I will get back to you this week. Maybe if you send me a line message, I will be able to come back to you directly

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