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Next new monster in province 14 stage 7 . Couldn’t see his/her special effect as I killed before mana full

Como faço para obter s chance de ser um testador beta?

I believe the enrollment for beta is closed for now, but you can be on the look out, the enrollment is usually announced and then you fill the required form…

Try to translate your post from Portuguese to English.

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Will we be seeing Odin or Thor or Gefjon for July Valhalla?

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No, they are for November-January.

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Updated (25 August, 2020) featured Valhalla Hero List:


Updated the order on the Valhalla Featured Heroes through to october.


Like you’ve read my mind, that’s exactly what I was looking for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thanks @Guvnor :hugs:

Gefjon? Any image?any more information😇

Image - No.
Info - Click the link in the post you just replied to.

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Google is a thing…

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Is there something beyond province 36?


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Absolutely no idea sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


What is the order of the new heroes of Valhalla for November December and January

When it’s known it will be posted into this thread (that you have found yourself merged to).


I still haven’t found this answer anywhere and were a 3rd of the way through November.

SGG players enjoy transparency. Communicate with your community and people will spend more money. Thank you.


Featured Update

Got confirmation from staff & permission to post this information. It comes with a (repeated) warning:

"As long as it is clear that they are unreleased heroes that are subject to change before release"

So the current featured hero order:

  • November = Odin
  • December = Lord Loki
  • January = Thor

Beyond that, unknown… both if there WILL be new heroes or if they’ll start featuring old ones or whatever.


Is the full map out for Season 3 yet?

I can’t find any info on it.

Not yet it isn’t :slight_smile: there’s one (maybe 2) more months of releases.

Currently goes as high as Province 33 with P34 coming later this month.

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