📯 Season 3 (Valhalla) – FAQ & Links

Thanks a lot guvnor :grin:

Is Valhalla back on Friday?

It returns in about 5 hours.

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Top post has dates and times etc for the first release. Will this be updated for this second release? Some other thread I should be checking? Couldn’t see any relevant links.

Edit: well ok I can work it out as the days and times will be the same, so all good on that front. But still curious if any separate per-release threads around.

I added the date for this time to the top post.

The threads that are new this time are:

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Do we havean idea in advance who will be featured hero for valhalla summons… kind of like we know the rotation for atlantis? I want to summon for malosie and deciding either wonderland or season 3. If Tyr or Heimdall will be featured I might wait. Thanks!

Only if we see the Portal in Beta, which is how we knew Norns would be Featured last month.

The other Featured Hero we saw in a second cycle in Beta after Norns was Alfrike, so it’s possible she’ll be next to be released and Featured — but that’s very speculative.

Baldur and Skadi were also tested in Beta, so they’ll presumably be released and Featured at some point too. It’ll be interesting to see if the pattern of a new Hero being released and Featured at the same time continues — if so, it may mean that Tyr, Heimdall, Sif, Freya, and Ratatoskr won’t be Featured until after all of the other Heroes are released.

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Thanks zephyr. It’s early but that kind of looks like the pattern: new hero introduced as the fearure. I guess we’ll see… now I want to go look up alfrike. :wink:

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Only one hero each month… I think it will take a loooong time to see all S3 heroes.

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It seems likely that there will be different Featured Season 3 Heroes for at least 12 months in total, since that’s how long it appears it’ll take for all of the Provinces to be released.

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I’ve found Antidotes are pretty much a MUST HAVE against Icy Draugrs. They dish their specials so fluidly that my Rigard has almost no shot at ever using his cleansing special. The added Defense Down from the other Draugr and heavy attacks from Jott makes this one a very tough stage (S3:P9:s10) especially on Hard Mode and almost impossible without Antidotes.

Unless you plan on nuking with Dragon Attacks, Bombs, etc.


Note to Self:

Go to Season 3/Province 9/Stage 4 to fill an Elemental Ice Chest if you are looking for:

  1. More Ice enemies (15-18 per stage)
  2. More Experience Points
  3. More Iron
  4. More Food
  5. More 3* and 4* Crafting Items
  6. Less boredom of Season 1/Province 9/Stages 1, 3, 5, or 9 or Province 13/Stages 5 and 8 or Province 14/Stage 9


7.5-9 per 3 flag

No Season 1 Province 8 Stage 7??? That place is still the fastest with 11 ice enemies per 3 flag.


Yeah, but it’s still less entertaining. And sometimes I feel that the types of enemies (difficulty level) affects the loot rarity in the chest.

Unfortunately, they don’t.

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Well, then I’d rather go big or go home. Season 1 doesn’t provide the Experience Points, Iron, or food of this Season 3 province, and since we are filling an Ice Chest anyways, I’d rather get the most from it aside from number of Blue enemies.

This vanaheim bonus is a pain in the a**.
Everytime I charge my mana and kill one, my mana is reduced by 15% x # of killed enemies - except Seshat, who has resistance. No way to get to the bosses with charged heroes. Needs a good plan to get to the bosses and have some tiles to instant charge your mana to get a good starting push there.

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Yes, it is tricky :slight_smile:

It’s a good alternative, not that far off in efficiency from 8-7… unless recruits are a desire. Certainly your right about the other things being better.

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