📯 Season 3 (Valhalla) – FAQ & Links

Stops at the end of the third province. Midgard is not finished. The fourth province was for the next month.


Guardian Chameleon can remove this fyi. (checked)


Is this true???

Wowzers… I did a 10-pull and not one Dawa! Amazed. I am really liking season three…

Love the Runic Rocks, wish they were an option for raids.


Question: where is the best topic to voice general gameplay observations, thoughts or reviews on Season 3?

People have been sharing some in 📯 Map Teams, Strategy & Gameplay – Season 3 (Valhalla)

Good Morning. It is true, @yelnats_24 . I’ll put a print.


Yes, 3 Provinces each month.


Yes, one of my alliance member has already try it yesterday, with 5 flask, I already warned him to use only for AR next week, but well its their decision anyway :man_facepalming:


You need to have reached level 15 in Atlantis.

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Oh okay so reach level 15 in Atlantis first okay thanks

Who is going to be the next featuring Valhalla héroe?

Not 100% known.

In beta testing this time round it was Norns (a hero who isn’t yet released). But for this to happen in the live game, Norns obviously needs to be released & I’m not sure that SGG will release/ expand the hero pool so quickly after the first release…

So really, it’s a wait and see situation.


March Update

Have some sneaky info that NORNS will be the featured Hero in the March Valhalla Portal


She’s like a slightly more practical Guardian Chameleon?

Thanks a lot guvnor :grin:

Is Valhalla back on Friday?

It returns in about 5 hours.

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Top post has dates and times etc for the first release. Will this be updated for this second release? Some other thread I should be checking? Couldn’t see any relevant links.

Edit: well ok I can work it out as the days and times will be the same, so all good on that front. But still curious if any separate per-release threads around.

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