📯 Season 3 (Valhalla) – FAQ & Links

It just means you have to play them in sequential order.

So to play S3:1-6H, for instance, you need to complete all of S3:1-1 through 1-5 Normal and Hard first.

Thanks for clarifying :grinning:

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Oh no. What I meant was only one or two heroes from 5* available liek at the beginning of Atlantis. I remember that there were only Misandra and Tarlak available. Fortunately here are a lot more free to summon…

but not for me. :rofl:

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New Status effects released with Season III can be found here: 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments

Runic Rocks also cast status effects, which can stack with existing status effects from your heroes, even if they have the same effect :slight_smile:

I’ve included them in a separate post – since they can only be used in map stages, I wanted to keep them separate from effects that can be used in Raids so they could be referred to easier.


I’m so excited to finally play Season 3 Valhalla!

I should have it done by Saturday :laughing:
Valhalla, we are coming!


Does anyone know what “has low health” in the Realm bonuses mean?
What is considered “low health” ?

Based on Beta, it was when the Hero’s health bar is red.


Season 3 stops at which province or confines at fully not like season 2 ?

I would say it will stop at province 4 (1st realm) and second realm opens in a month and so on.

Stops at the end of the third province. Midgard is not finished. The fourth province was for the next month.


Guardian Chameleon can remove this fyi. (checked)


Is this true???

Wowzers… I did a 10-pull and not one Dawa! Amazed. I am really liking season three…

Love the Runic Rocks, wish they were an option for raids.


Question: where is the best topic to voice general gameplay observations, thoughts or reviews on Season 3?

People have been sharing some in 📯 Map Teams, Strategy & Gameplay – Season 3 (Valhalla)

Good Morning. It is true, @yelnats_24 . I’ll put a print.


Yes, 3 Provinces each month.


Yes, one of my alliance member has already try it yesterday, with 5 flask, I already warned him to use only for AR next week, but well its their decision anyway :man_facepalming:


You need to have reached level 15 in Atlantis.

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Oh okay so reach level 15 in Atlantis first okay thanks

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