Season 3 strategy - How will you Approach it?

The difficulty of S3 was comparable to S2 difficulty.

So whatever you used to aruto-farm in Season 2 should (more or less) be fine in Season 3

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Have a doubt, help me please.
Season 3 portal will be open from this month 27 thru march 1st… does it means it will close on march 1 at 12 am or will close on march 2nd at 12 am? was I clear? I dont’ know haha. What I want is to have a chance for Telluria

@Zephyr1 asked SGG and postet the answer in the FAQ section:

So you have a 12 hours overlap with Telluria

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Cool thank you so much :smiley:


I can see the value on holding summons untill every new hero is on the pool. But on the otherside, if there is a really broken hero, I’d say is better to pull for her/him while the pool is still shallow rather than full.

I was super lazy with Atlantis at first. I won’t make that mistake again. I will probably work on clearing all the normal/hard mode stages as they come out. I have plenty of flasks, (100+), so that won’t be a problem.

My decision if I keep my Valhalla coins or use them will totally depend on which heroes are featured. Featured heroes usually have higher percentages, so even if all heroes were released - highest chances will probably be on the two (alternating) featured ones. So if I like the first 5* they release, I will use my coins and maybe even make a 10-pull…

Once I wrap up Season 2 hard, yes I still have a few to do, I will start Season 3.

As for WE…PoV is just a major grind within a grind which I won’t be doing next go. I happen to get something through my normal gameplay, great, if not, oh well. While the resource refills have come in handy, I don’t see anything there earth shattering.

As for summons…I’ll probably approach it the same as I do Atlantis. I’m not going to break the bank. I get something, great, if not, then I have food for the rest of my bench.

Hahaha! Sounds familiar.

The best auto-farming teams are healers and buff/debuff utility heroes. Snipers and AoE hitters don’t do quite as well because the computer sucks at timing and targeting. My 5-star auto-farm team is currently Miki, Kunchen, Puss in Boots, Delilah and Alberich. Only Delilah and Kunchen have any emblems right now.

Generally the left-to-right firing order needs to be considered when you have overwriting buffs such as attack buffs and Heal over Time. Put the weaker buff to the left if you have a choice. Also put the squishiest heroes to the wings if you can so that AoE enemies have a harder time hitting/splashing them.

Minions are great for auto-farming. Extra armor and a steady trickle of damage are your friends.

If you can squeeze in a mana / SS saboteur that helps with the bosses as well. You won’t be able to control when these hero fires but they will eventually because every boss round is a marathon.


Gonna do what I did with Atlantis. Bum rush through normal until the final boss, gear up and then take them on (still waiting on embleming Wilbur and Rigard a significant amount before taking them into the Ursena fight on normal).

AR didn’t come out until after all S2 provinces opened

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I plan on using all of the WE flasks I have on S3 when it opens, and whatever I have left (if any) will go towards the next AR. Then I will collect flasks again for the next S3 opening. Rinse. Repeat.

Makes it easier since they give WE flasks as completion rewards for challenges instead of having to rank at a certain level to gain them all.

Focus on the normal stages and use the hard stages for farming specific stages or enemies.
Tried that for season 2.

Will there be value in waiting till all the provinces are released, and expecting a VR like AR? If that’s the case, I can wait!

I replied to your comment on the other S3 FAQ thread.

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I’m still working my way through both normal and hard of s2. I’m in no rush to complete s3, but I’ll probably spend my spare WE there just because it’s new. I’ll save my flasks for AR though unless there’s an incentive to do otherwise.

I want to see how this rolls out first. I too have all flasks, WE, and loot tickets devoted to AR but that may change a bit with Season 3’s arrival.

I have to check it out first but tentatively, I plan to stop farming Season 1 and totally focus on conquering Season 3 stages while still hyperfarming during AR. I’ll have to see first to know for sure though. :wink:

Do you know if not yourself someone that can kind of do a one on one teaching guide for teams technics , power leveling/ war strategies ? I don’t know how but seems like I’m confused stuck and stupid, somehow

Fortunately, the forum community is great and much of what you have requested is available already. Have you checked out Rook’s master list?

As for a more personal approach where you can have one-on-one conversations I suggest joining a training alliance. Some good ones can be found here:

It’s an older thread, but still gets posts every now and then. You can also type “training alliance” into the search bar at the top and you’ll get a list of the most recent threads. I suggest you keep searching until you find an alliance that makes you feel at home.


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